Monday, November 10, 2008

Share Portfolio November 2008

Last review in August 2008

The Stable
Diamond Trust ↓
Safaricom ↓
Scangroup ↓
Stanbic (Uganda) ↓

Best performer: Scangroup -8%
Worst performer Stanbic – 36%, Safaricom -28%
In: none
Out: none
Changes: None - Market down this last three months, no trades made (and no commission generated for stocbroker).
Performance: Down 12% in the last three months while the NSE Index is down 16%
Looking forward to: Possibly picking up some Kenya Airways, Kengen, and Safaricom if their shares continue to get cheaper, but sitting out the Co-Op IPO.


gregkarungo said...

What's your reason for sitting out the Coop IPO? I can tell you mine, that this is simply not the right environment to invest in an IPO.

Anonymous said...

SBU has been a disappointment this year. It was a star last year, but still got faith it's going to recover.

KQ, major inefficiencies in terms of flight scheduling, customer care etc, but it's ridiculously undervalued.

Empower Kenya said...

coop is not acquisition during the IPO. The current shareholders will most likely sell once the counter starts trading. Also--why in the world would D&B advise coop to start trading on Dec. 22nd? Who is thinking stocks two days before xmas?

There are counters out there that have a track record that one can capture and get better returns that any speculation on coop

MainaT said...


I'll definitely buy some commission free Co-op shares.
As WB would say-buy when others are fearful.

bankelele said...

Gregkarungo: i) one i've too much of a financial portfolio ii) i believe there will be enough cheaper shares after listing iii) rule of IPO's

Pink M: didn't realsie it was that bad till i checked on Friday. Seems Safariom really hurt Ug investors
- willingto take a gamble on KQ

Hoseah: big rumor that the low uptake is planned

MainaT: I'm ok, happy with what I have for now. I'll put up my portfolio against any other in performance this year

DMX said...

Stanbic is the largets bank in Uganda, rather like KCB is in Kenya, they have a generous dividend policy, hence their popularity. Nohing has really changed there, so I expect a rebound, infact I cant wait for a cross listed SBU in the next few years, then I can sell.

Coop bank is simply a case study on when not to launch an IPO, honestly what was the head honcho at D&B thinking. Isnt it basic maths that you do not launch a share issue in the deep end of a raging bear market, a market that has the most prized blue chips selling at prices that have nothing to do with changes in the company, but every thing to do with investor confidence.

Anonymous said...

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Machaboy said...

Hey Bankelele, I'm a long time reader of your blog, but first time commenter...

Why buy safaricom? Y-o-Y Growth has begun slowing, as Safcom adds less profitable rural customers. There is limited regional growth opportunities given Vodacom's ownership of other telecom companies in neighboring countries. Market share is also challenged by competitors...

Where's the upside?

Anonymous said...

To borrow what was written by Eleanor Kigen in Today's Business Daily "When we see other people buying shares and making money we assume that they know what they are doing and we follow them blindly." So does it also follow that when we see other people staying away from an IPO we need to follow suit? To cut the story short; I agree with her advise, avoid following the crowd blindly!. Do we need to follow the theory of irrational exuberance? TK

Anonymous said...

Your portfolio looks very good but
while you may be happy with your current exposure, prices being as much as 30% below acquisition cost should be a trigger to buy more. Specifically, I will simulate the effect of buying in tranches of 5% of portfolio value at a time for the next 24 months.I suspect "my" adjusted portfolio will beat yours by 60 to 70%. FYI my actual portfolio mirrors yours except I dont have DTK and I am heavy on EABL and BAT.


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