Monday, April 10, 2006

a dollar a day

Have been running Google advertisements for a few months, and "earning" just under a dollar a day which is an international poverty line measure for individual income.

Over the weekend I received my first cheque from Google for $100 dollars (about 7,100 shillings). Not bad but it’s a start, because sometimes blogging is time consuming and it’s good to get some cash from some non-intrusive advertising.

Unfortunately Kenya is not one of the few countries that Google has selected to make payments in local currency. Am off now to look for a bank that will enable me to cash the cheque drawn in New York with a minimum of bank charges and fees.

Sad News
- Military Plane crash has kiled 4 MP's including assistant minister Mirugi Kariuki and former Foreign Affairs minister Bonaya Godana as well as at least 14 other people.

- Head of the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS) , Eng. Masila also passed away in a road accident over the weekend. He had steered his organization to enforce some stringent quality measures leading to higher quality of imports into the country.

NSE rumbles
Two stories in the East African today:
(i) The Transcentury Group, which recently acquired 4% of KPLC, is at an advanced stage to take over 25% of Housing Finance Company of Kenya. Two years ago they took over East African Cables and shareholders of that company saw their shares shoot from 10/- to over 160/- today.

(ii) Sameer Africa has sold its 10% in Uchumi, just three months after buying them from ICDCI and also resigned their position on the board. The Uchumi Board has since appointed Albert Ruruti, former KCB operations manager to the board and also as Chairman of the company.


Anonymous said...

@ bankelele
So whattu goin to do with that nice chunk of change?I may actually consider putting some of those ads on my blog too!

kritik said...

i remember activating that adsense thing on my blog. sadly am yet to receive hata ndururu....

your past piece on on. but in as much as githongo's intentions were pure, i still hold that he exposed the presidency. if he has any tape recordings of the president, he better destroy them...
sorry for bringing it up....

Girl in the Meadow said...

You are lucky. I have only made like 5 dollars only imagine!!

Anyhow, i am so shocked at Bonayas death. That is a real loss. I am told that Mirugi just lost a leg *not sure though*

bankelele said...

acolyte: once (if) I get the cash, i'll probably buy an insurance policy/fund.

kritik: Thing is reports indicate that Kiboko KNEW Githongo was taping other leaders.

Shiroh: Thanks, one time I clicked in and my earning were about $0.02 - and I almost pulled the ads off.

As for MP's, it's a sad day.

Msanii_XL said...

Real Sad about the Godana's death.

that adsense dollar are not bad at all..

Anonymous said...

I just posted on AdSense and then saw your post in the aggregator! Brilliant.

This plane crash is sad.

bankelele said...

Msanii_XL: am not retiring, but i'd be happy to bank $100 a month.

Mentalacrobatics: am reading yours now.

Anonymous said...

I actually read about the crash from your blog this morning, but was too busy to comment or check the news (but not too busy to blogrun, thanks to the KBW aggregator LOL

Kudos on your $100 dollar cheque - happy for you that it comes down to something. I always thought it was humourous but never took it seriously. I learn something new everyday

Anonymous said...

Hey banks,
Any additional info on the sameer selling its 10% stake and resigning from the board of Uchumi.
Whats cutting?

Anonymous said...

In addition to Sassy's question, whats the performance of the Uchumi CEO who was imported from SA

bankelele said...

sassy: Here's the full story from the East African

Kagz: He appears to be a good manager who inspired confidence during the last year and the restructuring period and good management is necessary for companies to grow. That being said, it appears that the wind has gone out of the sails at the ground, in uchumi stores.

ContentFLowSwagger said...

I have struggled to to get the Adsense on my blog to no avail..reading the How-tos still frustrating..Banke how'd you manage?


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