Saturday, April 08, 2006

Anothder Saturday Post

Deidcated to AfroM who says I don't work on weekends


The Nation gives a peek at a damning report on the over-staffed and under-performing employees at the Central Bank of Kenya.

Charterhouse Bank management denied that they were involved in money laundering and claimed that accusations were meant to distract from the problems at the Central Bank.

Auditors of the collapsed Trust Bank will be sued for fraud by the former depositors.

An IFC report on the Ugandan banking sector.

Ex-Im Trade
The Ministry of Trade & Industry has published handbook on importing and exporting in Kenya.

Kenya Airways
- The airline is offering Mombasa residents cheap ticketsto fill seats, likely to be empty over the Easter weekend. There are so many coast holiday packages between the airline and Mombasa hotels resulting in full flights, and probably requiring extra & larger aircraft, to Mombasa before Easter and from Mombasa after Easter. So the airline is selling seats for 2,500 shillings (about ½ price) to Nairobi before Easter and to Mombasa after Easter
- The airline also offers automatic 10% discount for tickets booked thought is website (by passing travel agents & their commissions)
- KQ will codeshare with Korean Air on the Seoul - Bangkok - Nairobi route effective April 20. (From African Flyer)

Parliament will unveil a new website next Thursday, minus 7 MP bio’s.

ABM AMRO economists make predictions about the World Cup showing Brazil are likely to win, but an Italian win would be best for the world economy.

Tiomin will buy a 20% Net Profit Interest Royalty ("NPI Royalty") that Pangea Goldfields holds on the mineral sands exploration licences of Kwale, Kilifi, Vipingo, and Mambrui in Kenya.

The Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) will simplify the license process by combining three different licenses: VSAT, internet backbone & gateway, and public data network operator (PDNO) & international data gateway into one data carrier network operator (DCNO).


Anonymous said...

The article about staffers in Central Bank surfing the internet during work hours is interesting. Something should be done to discourage pple from wasting their employers time and getting paid for it. Its time a fresh breed of people to get jobs at the Central Bank

gishungwa said...

About the CCk that was a great one considering that it has already happpened since our lincenses were reviewsd earlier inthe year. There is actually a new bill see
MAkes quite interesting reading esp about the media sector.
about surfing at work hours i think this happens to all offices plus streaming media content some companies have blocked chat and internet newsrooms but i think its all bout the discipline of hte person since if my duty is done then can i do a quick blog run as am doing now ;)). another great post thank you fo r such crucial info.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bankelele! I feel honored...
good post as usual.
on sport: "but an Italian win would be best for the world economy."
ni joke? I am laughing, ama you serious about the italian win?

Anonymous said...

Saw ad for 2500/- Friday @8AM. Called my Travel Agent at 9AM (1st customer) but they were filled or sold... available seat was 9000/- (oneway)....

bankelele said...

sassy: I sometimes feel like I work at CBK.

gishungwa: Thanks, and noting that not all surfing is bad or wasteful - hence it is wrong for companies to cut off interent access.

AfroM: Read on about an Italian win

vituvingisana: Even KQ's website still has cheapest ticket at $100

Girl in the Meadow said...

plus streaming media content some companies have blocked chat and internet newsrooms

Such is a company i work for.

Truth be told, all governmental organisations recruiting is questionable.

Most are ridden with nepotism, godfather referrals, tribalism and it goes down to even employee appraisals.

CBK could attract high calibre individuals if it so desired but politics politics, tribalism cannot allow

The HR departments are not taken seriously

Girl in the Meadow said...

I can confess that i surf at work but as long as it doesn't affect productivity.

Anonymous said...

i see! coccerecon, very interesting..

walk said...



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