Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Safaricom @ NSE Day 3

Wednesday 11/6

8,712 Safariom trades, with a turnover of Kshs. 1.27 billion ($20.4 million)
Price 7.00
High 7.10
Low 6.90
Last 7.00
Shares volume 180,879,400

Commentary: Very constructive session. Market is now underpinned at 7.00, support is 6.65. Demand side was robust today

Courtesy of Rich.Co.Ke [NSE data vendor]

Celtel Zambia:
From Bloomberg reports on day one of Celtel Zambia trading. Celtel Zambia, which sold 1.04 billion shares before listing for 640 kwacha ($0.20) apiece, climbed as much as 85 kwacha to 725 kwacha, according to Lusaka Stock Exchange data.


fimbo said...

So much for quick easy money
Investing is not for the faint hearted

Anonymous said...

Due to the T+3 trading system and T+1 (prompt) currently running on T+3, the number of shares traded in these three days is the total number of IPO shares ONLY sold..

so about 7% (volume of day 1+2+3/10,000,000,000) of the 10,000,000,000 shares on offer have already been sold and created wealth of about 2bn ksh (slightly less than 3 bob in gains)


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