Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kutwa Tuesday

Revelations Chapter 11, verse 1 and 2: Hats off to the business daily for their exposes of the downfall of Francis Thuo stockbrokers. It is an anomaly that brokers don’t have to publish their accounts, oversee each others lapses and gallantly bail each other out, and that white collar crime is something only the faint hearted fail at (they even raided the stockbroker after the company died. I guess the customers of Nyaga stockbrokers will be paid off now that the investor compensation fund is padded with millions from the Safaricom IPO

Thai is good: Kenya Airways will double its service from Nairobi to Bangkok to six flights a week to cope with growing demand – and four will connect to Hong Kong and two to Guangzhou, China. Also msafiri reports that they will get a replacement 737-800 in October, to replace the one which crashed last May a- and another two 737-800 this year. I think they should reduced European flights and focus on Asia and Africa

Kenyan snub: There's no Kenyan presence in the final list of sustainable banking award nominees of the FT/IFC. Earlier, only Equity Bank and Vodafone/Safaricom forBanking at the Bottom of the Pyramid were in but they probably canceled each other out.

ICT watchdog: an initiative formulated at skunkworks forum in March forum has come to fruition with news that the members will form a website to monitor the quality of ICT service in Kenya.

love your sponsors: Mama Mikes have a new venture - Channel Safari to market tourism in Kenya and were featured in the featured in the business daily


Anonymous said...

Hallo ,
I Found your blog just yesterday and I'm still looking at your earlier posts. I've to say I am very excited since there's very few blogs with this kind of information (or any kind) coming out of Kenya . Anyway.. nice job . You just got yourself one more fan

Kobia in DC

outfoxed said...


I've been here since 2006 and have to admit bank's blog has consistently maintained the highest quality business info.

Watch out... It's additive.

coldtusker said...

Natio as a great cartoon... CMA & NSE are in bed with the brokers!

inspectordanger said...

On KQ good thing, beside plying Bangkok route, they are to ply the KLM routes for one month while KLM are working on their Aircrafts. I hope this will improve their earnings this FY.

Coldtuskder ... Nice heads up.

ka-investor said...

got KQ at Ksh.46.50 during the chaos...I'm watching them very closely.

bankelele said...

Kobia in DC: welcome, blogging is a monster, hard to stop

Outfoxed: thanks for reading. Even you resume blog activity

Coldtusker: thanks for the tip, that cartoon was hilarious. I read the morning paper so fast that I missed it. But when I went back and found it i was laughing really hard

Ka-investor: their year end should be out in two weeks. They are a good long term stock


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