Monday, November 15, 2010

Shares Portfolio November 2010

Solid portfolio gains, some speculative buys since last quarterly review in August 2010

The Stable
Diamond Trust ↑
Kenya Airways ↓
Kenol ↑
Safaricom ↓
Scangroup ↑
Stanbic (Uganda) ↑
Uchumi ↔

- Best performer: Scangroup up 74% this quarter
- Worst performer: (tie) Kenya Airways, Safaricom both down 16%
- In: Safaricom, Vipingo (error)
- Out: None
- Increase Kenol, EABL
- Decrease: None
- Unexpected gains/losses: None

Events & Outlook: - Performance: The Portfolio is up 29% in the last three months while the NSE Index is down 1.5%.
- Got dividends from: Stanbic, EABL & KQ, awaiting Safaricom (which will be paid by M-Pesa for the second year) after getting some Safaricom shares, and attending their (no SWAG) AGM
- Kenol and the Government reached some settlement which has stabilized their share price, but the battle exposed other sector players like NOCK, Gulf Energy, and Addax.
- Safaricom appear to have withstood the initial price war by Zain/Airtel as there is now concern about how long Airtel can keep the low prices in Africa.

new airtel logo? via

- New blood: The Kenya Government is doing a KPLC doing a rights issue, and share conversion of preference, while private companies on the horizon may include CIC Insurance, CFC Life, Deacons, and Family Bank


Kapolisi said...

I have never bothered to pursue my Safcom dividends via MPESA. Does this mean I have lost the money?

bankelele said...

No your div will still be there, for 7 years

martow said...

have they sent yet?

Unknown said...

Kenol/Kobil has been down this month. i am closely watching it, will grab some when it hits 10 shillings or lower. New IPO, probably will go for family bank.

Unknown said...

oh, why did u add safcom? it does't look like it has growth prospects.

bankelele said...

martow: december 2 onwards they say

inspectordanger: Kenol/Kobil have finaly clinched an import contract after a series of them went to Gulf & Addax
- Family bank just got some cash so IPO may be pushed back, but I feel they are itching to list and get value for the brand


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