Monday, February 15, 2010

Share Portfolio February 2010

Unchanged since last quarter and compared to a year ago

The Stable

Diamond Trust ↑
Kenya Airways ↑
Safaricom ↑
Scangroup ↑
Stanbic (Uganda) ↔
Uchumi ↔
Trades: None
In: None
Out: None
Increase/decrease: None
Best performer Kenya Airways up 106%, then Safaricom 38%
Worst Stanbic UG, no change (actually was up 5 UGX per share, but the Uganda shilling is weaker)
Unexpected Gains/Losses: None
Performance: Portfolio is up 11% while NSE index is up 17% in three months – thanks largely to Safaricom which is ¼ of the index.
- Uchumi may resume trading at the Nairobi Stock Exchange after four years of suspension now that shareholders have approved restructuring of remaining debt in consultation with the banks who put the chain under receivership.
- Unlisted investments are tricky to track and problematic to measure or exit.

1 comment:

Mashatall said...

I can see you are an avid follower of Buffetts principles, hold long term and no speculative buys. NSE was starting to tick upwards but this damn politicians cant just get the message, we need to take care of our political risk if we are even to hit the 4% GDP growth that has been touted by some fund managers. Wonder how they are reacting now that they had not factored political risk in their reports? any predictions on economic growth this year?


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