Tuesday, December 01, 2009

2009 Kenya Bank Rankings Part I

ranked by assets (2008 placing in brackets)
43(43) City Finance
42(42) Dubai
41(41) Oriental
40(39) Paramount Universal
39(38) Middle East
38(37) Transnational
37(35) Credit
36(40) First Community
35(30) Equatorial
34(34) Habib Bank
33(33) Fidelity
32(29) Southern Credit
31(32) Victoria
30(31) Consolidated
29(27) Giro
28(28) Guardian
27(36) Gulf African
26(24) Habib AG Zurich
25(23) K-Rep
24(26) Development Bank of Kenya
23(25) ABC
22(21) Fina
21(22) Chase
20(20) Family Bank
19(17) India
18(19) Ecobank/EABS
17(18) Bank of Africa
16(16) Imperial
15(15) Housing Finance
14(14) Baroda
13(13) Prime
12(12) Investment & Mortgages
11(10) NIC


coldtusker said...

Wow... I am surprised that Family Bank is #20... It just seems so much larger...

Equatorial - a merali/kenyatta bank has taken quite the tumble...

Anonymous said...

This list doesn't tell us much of anything. What's their debt to equity ration? who owns these banks? where are their primary customers?

Mburu Kamau said...

Where are the state-funded and run banks?

bankelele said...

coldtusker: Family has come up quite fast, in Equity's shadow

Mburu KamauL: top 10 coming shortly with NBK and KCB. Note State run also include consolidated

Anonymous said...

Good work Banks... How current is this? 2009 Sept for those whose FY follows calendar year?


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