Monday, September 08, 2008

Kenya Bank Rankings: June 08 Briefs

ABC; assets up 16%, deposits 17 and loan 7%, income is up 12% but expenses up 17% with no growth in 2008. Too early to tell about kisima at this indigenous bank>
Bank of Africa : deposits up 20% and loan 34%, income 51% with expenses up 41% but NPA also up 59%. French bank, quiet style, but making more marketing efforts to shore up size.
Barclays: assets up 22%, profit 21%, deposits 22% and loans up 30%. Income is up 35% from a year ago but expenses up 45%. In 2008, deposits are up 18% but loans up 1% - change of direction? Did not actively participate in Safaricom, and this big bank everyone (unfairly) watches to see how they react to Equity Bank
Baroda: profit up 31% deposits 9%, and loans up (staggering for them) 57%, in 2008, both income and expenses are up 29%, and though deposits are flat, loans are up 25% - no longer playing safe
Chase: asset up 76% deposits 58% and loan 88%. Income is up 48% but expenses up 75% and NPA 86%. in 08 loans up 29% and deposits up 51% at this fast growing local bank which has now ventured into stockbrokerage as Gencap
Citibank: assets up 65% and profit up 74%. 2008 looking even better as income is up 49% compared to just 7% in expenses, and remains immune (and insignificant) to parent turmoil
City Finance: assets up 2% , deposits up 12% strategy shifting with shifting bank with loans down 59% government securities and placements up by higher margin from a year ago. Just 8 million in staff costs in six months?
Commercial Bank of Africa: (CBA) assets and profit up 21% loans up 52%, and income up 23% compared to expenses 26%. Increased lending in 08 with 36% loan growth since December. Blue chip bank adjusting to the times, quietly did Safaricom IPO and dabbles in insurance
Consolidated: assets up 6% deposits 24% and loans 36% - with income and exp up 10%. Up for sale, can't list so likely to be sold privately, and hopefully without controversy
Cooperative (Co-op) : asset up 23% profit 51% loan 44%, and NPA down 54% but insider lending up 40% from a year ago. IPO set for October 20 this year – but has it cleaned up enough legacy bad debt?
Credit: asset up 23% profit up 36% deposits up 25% and loans 44%
Development bank of Kenya (DBK) - assets up 33% deposits up 41% and loans 53%. The
Development financier is up for sale by the Government (ICDC)
Diamond Trust: asset up 40% deposits 37% loan 34%, income up 45% but expense up 64% as bank continues its expansion in Kenya, Uganda Tanzania and Burundi (every other bank says Rwanda)
Dubai Bank asset up 5% deposits 8% income 18% expenses up 13%, somehow translating to profit rise of 85%
Ecobank (formerly EABS) assets and deposits up 4%. Income up 34% and expenses up 10%. The parent Ecobank is currently raising $2.5 billion, (equivalent to Barclays Kenya assets) – showing how far Kenyans banks have to go in the big leagues
Equatorial: assets up 26% deposits 29% , income 21% but expenses up 31%, with no growth in 08
Equity 100% growth in assets loans and profits, and 78% in loans. Income up 140%, with expenses up 106% from a year ago. How long can this exponential growth go on?
Family bank : assets up 39% deposits 23% loan 52%, but income has tripled as have expenses at ‘Equity Blue’
Fidelity: asset up 29% deposits 36% loans 40%
Fina: Assets up 13%, deposits 14% and loan 32%. Income up 26% but expenses up 47% leading to a 24% lower profit. Many banks encroaching on the turf they created in Rwanda
Giro: assets up 1%, , deposits flat but loans up 10% , income up 26% with expenses up 10% - also leading to a surprising 86% profit surge
Guardian: assets and deposits up 11%. Income up 37% with expenses up just 26% leading to a profit surge of 76%
Habib AG Zurich: assets up 10% profit 22% deposits 13% and loans 31%
Habib Bank: assets up 4% from year ago, but no growth in 2008
Housing finance: asset up 34% deposits up 15% and loans up 27%. But profit down 20% (income up 1% while expense up 5%). in 08 deposits are up 5% and loans up 15%. Raised new funds from shareholders and will expect a boost from Equity Bank as anchor shareholder
Imperial; assets up 16%, deposits and loans up 22%. One bank reputed to have the fewest customers, but massive profits from them
(Bank of) India: asset and loans up 15%, with profit up 35%
I&M: asset and loans up 33%, income up 25% as expenses up 16%. Shareholders funds up 60% from new investors and the bank is opening new urban branches
KCB: assets up 66%, and deposits up 20%. Profits are up 77% (income up 50% with expenses up 38%) from a year ago. New funds raised, going regional in eastern Africa and will be cross-listed as well.
K-Rep: assets up 13%, deposits 15 % loans 10%. Income up 12% but expenses up 33% leading to a sharp drop in profit
Middle East: income up 15% and expenses up 33%
National Bank of Kenya assets up 3%, deposits and loans virtually unchanged, but income up 16% as expenses up just 4% leading to a surge in profit of 46% . government shareholding is up for sale
NIC: asset up 37% deposits 31% and loans 39%. Profits are up 38%, as income is up 26% with expenses up 17%. Expanding their stockbrokerage operation, and also opening new branches,
Oriental: assts up 12% deposits up 32% and loans 16%
Paramount Universal: assets up 13% with deposits and loans up 17% at one of the smallest banks
Prime Bank: super growth, with asset up 59%, deposits 57%, loans 66%. Income up 56% with expenses up 30% leading to a surge in profit up 98%
Southern Credit; assets up 9%, deposits and loans up 10% - but income is up 14% with expenses up 31%
Standard Chartered; sleeping giant - assets up 2% profit 1% deposits down 2%, but loan up 15%. Income up 6% but expenses up 10% from a year ago
Transnational: assets up 19% profits 16% deposits 23% and loans 19%
Victoria: flat, assets down 2%. Deposits are down 34% as loan up 18% - and income is up 18% but expenses are up 58%


pesa tu said...

Yes, we still have a way to go before we get in the big leagues

MainaT said...

Nice brief. Way too many banks. I look forward to seeing some regional banks. Too many banks fishing in the same Nai pool.

bankelele said...

Pesa tu: am still trying to understand the economist article on Nigerian banks

MainaT: yes but they are all profitable, and comfortably so - and status quo will remain till the owners, or the families get ambitious e.g EABS


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