Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Broadband Gap

Earlier this month I received (though the mail) a DVD pack of all the talks from the organizers of TED Global. This is the first time I have seen any TED videos – ever!

While they have been online all this time, it’s not easy to watch any videos online because of the slow speeds – a 3 minute video can take ¼ hour to download, and they you have to rewind it to watch .

Also as more and more local video content and jazzed up websites, go up online, it is unfortunately still not possible to for many intended viewers to access the content watch. Or even bother to try until speeds are fast enough.

I’ll save the links and wait till I find a place that has very goods speeds. Some have impressive free speeds but can’t concentrate and watch there, besides have to lug around a heavy laptop to enjoy them

More Connectivity

Great news that Safaricom are going to roll out video on phones, broadband speeds and a host of other goodies soon. They paid about ½ of what they did for their mobile phone license less than 10 years ago for a 3G license. Maybe I can see some TED video’s from my phones.

Strathmore University have rolled out a campus wide Wi Fi network at the Madaraka campus to enable students with laptops to access the internet from all over the campus. And next students will be able to access the network from their homes via the Kenya Data Networks (KDN)'s infrastructure.


Anonymous said...

these are indeed very interesting developments. i shall not hold my breath though, and so far the free butterfly at mobil westlands has given me the best speeds yet, you tube videos load as fast as you watch them, at least early on sunday morning! 3g is all good but i hope they shall offer more reasonable rates than they already do for unlimited services like the 5000 bob for unlimited access they charge per month for the blackberry.

kainvestor said...

I had the same problem with TED videos. Wasted over an hour downloading a Richard Branson clip only to discover it was a radio interview.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there could be a local mirror for frequented videos, or a service somewhere @ CBD where users may send a request via email and then someone downloads those and burns them on a cd?

(hey at least it's a business approach :-)

Anonymous said...

On the capital breakfast show today, they had Patricia from Multichoice and she said they're doing a softlaunch for a mobile dstv service with six channels this month and the main launch to come in November. They're doing this with safcom so it must be 3G. The handset goes for 20k.

bankelele said...

aegeus: Hi, I'll check out mobil westlands (but I thought that ended when Telkom service was suspended, who's the provider now at mobile?)

ka-investor: Not TED's fault, as most of their members have the broadband to access all the videos.

JKE: That would be nice, except for the copyright aspect. Nice biz idea

69mb: We'll see, what programs could they offer & which of their channels are suited for phone clips? I don't see a 1/2 hour show or a football match being ideal - but we'll see next month

Anonymous said...

butterfly me thinks, at least that is what the hotspot is called.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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