Saturday, January 13, 2007

Share splits continue

ICDCI formalized their share split yesterday as CMC also announced a 10 for 1 share split.

Pressure will continue to build on companies with high flying shares like BAT, Bamburi and Standard Chartered to follow Barclays, Sasini, and EA Cables in announcing share splits. Speculation about splits has also caught on at KPLC, Equity, NMG and Jubilee.

- NOCK will acquire 45 service stations from Somken an independent Kenyan company which seems to be shifting its focus to oil exploration.


AIG Kenya
- Consumer marketing manager
- Agency development manager by 26/1

Internal auditor at Care Kenya. apply to by 20/1

Project management office Director at the East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA) - Mombasa. Details here and deadline to is 22/1

Family finance: - Head of business development, branch business development managers (5), Credit officers (27), procurement officer. Apply online by 27/1

Executive director at Forum for Africa women educations Apply through KPMG by 31/1

Kenya commercial development foundation: Finance & investment manager, financial management accountant, grants management accountant, communications officer and interns. details here and deadline is by 26/1

Tsavo securities: Head of stock broking head of fixed income head of ICT and head of research as well as relationship managers apply through manpower associates

Following the recent government director on using chase cars to escort money to/from banks G4S/Securicor will hire over 800 new drivers

For Celtel in Nairobi, Coast, Mt. Kenya, Western, Nyanza, Central & North rifts. Contact

For Honda motorcycles in Kenya. Contact


Anonymous said...

I didnt know the retail investor had such clout on NSE. At yesterday's price CMC's P/e is at 100(Yes, price is 100 times earning).
Now CMC aint a growth co. at those prices its clearly overvalued.

Anonymous said...

Yep, NOCK is on the right path.They need a distribution network to grow

Anonymous said...

Pesa Tu - Whatcha smoking?
Ama you need a new calculator?

EPS was around 8/- (there were 2 EPS shown - diluted & full)

290 divided by 8 = 36 )nevertheless too high!)

Anonymous said...

So is NOC the one exploring or Somken?

Anonymous said...

If it was not tragic, it would be a comedy...

The government expects security firms to provide security to the police!

Instead of stealing MILLIONS, nay, BILLIONS, on unneeded ships & analog radio systems... they should buy bulletproof vests & better guns for the cops!

Anonymous said...

Tsavo securities? is the CMA dishing out licences for stockbrokers now? just curious coz i thought akina Mbaru had it on lock and no company will be getting into stockbroking unless they cough up like 50 million.Pesa Tu. market is overvalued in my opinion, so tread carefully.

Anonymous said...

Is NOCK subsidised by GOK?
Does NOCK pay all the taxes paid by the other oil majors?
Why dos NOCK think they can manage the stations better than private firms?

I think NOCK is biting off more than it can chew!

Anonymous said...

Mashatall, I smell some typical Kenyan politiks in this. One of the Directors at Tsavo (Fred is aformer employee of Suntra (Murigu is an archrival to Mbaru who owns D &B).
I think its 5 million and not 50M to register as a broker.

Anonymous said...

Hiyo story ya Tsavo is just funny dos. Huku it says that Tsavo Securities is a stock market agent (agents have NO status under the CMA Act and Regulations) and yet they want to recruit all those positions?
My money is on the theory that this is just another sign of the excesses that happen in an overheating market. A jamaa has made cash trading and now wants to establish his own outfit but overshoots the ambition over fame equation. I'll give you odds that you won't hear anything about this outfit in twelve months. BTW CMA is not about to unleash new licences and when they do there are about 10 (different) serious fat cats waiting to grab, being on record.

Anonymous said...

Agamemnon: Yeah, these guys are agents not stockborkers but no matter how profitable it is for agents I think they are over recruting considering they earn a maximum of 50% of the residual commission stockbrokers earn after the part for CMA, CDSC,NSE etc

PesaTu: CMC split It the same old story, if a company hits kshs:200 they consider themselves 'successfull' no matter the fundamentals and call for a share split or bonus and sometimes both.

ColdTusker: You owe me one? remember.

Banks: NOCK's acquisiton of SOMKEN's stations came after guys stood up the initial offer and if I remember well this deal was being orchestrated by Dyer and Blair.
Its good for the visibility of SOMKEN but I think the BP deal would have been sweeter for NOCK had it succeeded.

Anonymous said...

Visibility of NOCK; sorry.

Agamemnon: Thats a hard name you got.

Anonymous said...

does manpower associates have an email contact

Anonymous said...

If as Mbaru said there will be 18 new IPOs this year then maybe there's enough cash in the business for new players, and if the number of people DISGUSTED by the established players is anything to go by, a new outfit ( especially one with EDI) will make a massive killing.

There's still too much money about,chasing too few good stocks. I believe the market will get even more over-valued.


Anonymous said...

dyer and blair has been poaching its new staff from stock agents(tsavo Securities ). does this mean that mbaru employees are weaker than that of an agent?


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