Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mid East Careers

Companies this week looking for Kenyans to go work abroad

KBR, the global engineering & and construction subsidiary of the Haliburton Corporation, is seeking people to go work in the Middle East & Central Asia for a variety of positions including transport & maintenance, craft & trades, logistics, and management & administration. Apply online.

Cabin crew at Qatar Airways. Apply online by January 12.


Anonymous said...

Apply only if you're ready to be easy target for insurgencies in Iraq and Afganistan

Anonymous said...

I agree, that's the first ad I've ever seen that had serious disclaimers regarding one's personal safety. Even for police recruitment, haven't seen such before.
I'm sure the package must include some serious hardship allowance...

Anonymous said...

dont you just respect kenyans for their bravery in the face of cool money. i have a friend who is being posted in iraq this year. he is a kenyan american soldier. do you know what those guys offer? 20,000 dollars bonus for enlisting into the forces, and a furthur 20,000 dollars when you finish the course (match out) plus guaranteed american residence status and so on not to mention a hefty salo.

Anonymous said...

At least they tell you of the dangers!

Furthermore, for many Kenyans, this is a time to make good money (at the risk of life & limb)... but for many life in Kenya is riskier as is... e.g. the APs - who earn a pittance - who died while transporting cash!

In the slums of Kenya, everyday is a battle for survival. I hope many Kenyans in these circumstances apply for a job that will benefit them & their families. I wish them the best. For the sake of their families, they should do it for 1 year & quit!

Other countries e.g. India & Pakistan are sending 1,000s of employees to Iraq. I think Kenyans (esp Sunni Muslims from the Coast) are the best candidates since many speak Arabic & are Sunni Muslims thus would face fewer problems than others since the insurgents are unlikely to kill Sunni Muslims as much as Christians or Hindus.

Anonymous said...

Odegle - $20,000 is almost 40x Kenya's per capita income!

On a numbers (not "humanistic" basis).... it might make sense for a young man to go to Iraq if they fall in the lower end of the socio-economic ladder.

I am not saying this is the best choice but it beats joining a gang or being killed in the forthcoming political violent meetings/clashs (e.g. Kibera)...

$10,000 can buy a young family a small flat/house in Buruburu (better than the slums). The balance could buy a future for the kids.

bankelele said...

mwasjd: I think they have to be honest & they also know applicants are not fools.

Odegle: These are 'civilian' jobs, but in hardship areas - imagine being an engineer repairing a bridge in Basra. There's some hardship allowance & bonuses involved, but something people muyst think about carefully given the risk

coldtusker: Work must go on. Imagine if peopel in Israle had said they would not build up because of fears of their hostel neighbours! Many unemployed citizens of SE Asia have accepted the risk and have gone to work for US corporations in the Mid East.

That said, you raise a good point about cops escorting cash - and it's sad that high risk civilan jobs pay so little e.g. pre 9/11 airport security was a low paying job (less than McD).


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