Friday, November 10, 2006

Corporate Blog?

This afternoon I had an interview with a company about a website - and my concept was for the company to incorporate a blog to generate interest in the website and market the company better to its diverse customers, many of who accesses its products over the internet.

I mentioned that other corporations were doing this now and it gave a human face to their communications from CEO’s to customer service people.

I don’t know if my idea went over well, and I hope that I was wrong in my feeling afterwards that some of the panel appeared to have that we already have a website, blogu kitu gani? face.

After such a session, you are always every critical of yourself. During question time, I wanted to instead rush back to one or two points I had just remembered. And even taking the stairs down afterwards, I wanted to go back to the conference room and give them another 3 or 4 points that I had forgotten to mention that would strengthen my case.

Oh well, see how it goes. It was a very nice company, good to work with, and appears to have a nice work culture, and a very laid back (low bureaucracy) atmosphere.


from the daily papers this week

Manager at the Carnivore restaurant Nairobi. Apply to

Classic Camps: chief accountant, senior accountant(s), sales & marketing manager sales executive(s), executive assistant. Apply to by 15/11

Commercial Bank of Africa: (i) internal audit manager [Ref: AM-BR] (ii) internal auditor [IA-BR] (iii) account relationship manager, corporate banking [ARM-CB] (iv) account relationship manager, business banking unit [ARM-BBU]. Apply to by 21/11

Communications commission of Kenya: Supply, deliver, install and maintain solar energy solutions st CCK sites in Taiita Taveta, Isilolo, Suba and Thika districts. Submissions to by 13/12

Communications professional at DFID. Request an application form from and reply to by 1/12

Property valuer at Housing Finance. Apply to by 20/11

ILRI aka international livestock research institute. (i) Internal audit manager (ii) resource mobilization officer (iii) help desk administrator. Apply to by 24/11

Law Society of Kenya: advocates to consult on current professional development of lawyers, review the conduct process (standards & ethics) in place and make proposals on the same. Apply to by 24/11

McCann Erickson: (i) general manager (ii) account director. Apply to

National Museums of Kenya: (i) director, development & corporate affairs (ii) director, institute of primate research (iii) director, administration & HR (iv) director(s) (3) museum sites & monuments – for central, western and coast regions of Kenya. Apply to by 30/11

Internal audit manager at Oserian.a apply to by 22/11

Logistics manager at Oxfam. Apply to by 22/11

Practical Action aka intermediate technology development group: (i) program officer [technical support] (ii) program officer [financial support]. Apply to by 24/11

Royal Media Services (i) ICT assistant (ii) ICT technician. Apply to by 24/11

Sotik Tea (i) engineering manager (ii) field assistants/management trainees. Apply to by 24/11


Holy Cow said...

Feel a website is too plain and the idea of having a blog to go with it is great.
The government's recently launched Rapid response blah.. blah... should have included a blog running(Especally Goverment spokesman)
Nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Although I am sure your meeting went well. There is an article I read a couple of years ago that showed me how blogs can be a really effective tool in business.
'A blogger in their Midst' Harvard Business Review September 2003. Its available online.
Refer your clients to it.

Anonymous said...

Follow up with email about the meeting; that way you can bring up the 3, 4 points you did not address.

Anonymous said...

All the best,
you've probably heard of her, if not...Charlene Li writes about blogging and business.

Calculating the ROI of blogging

E-Nyce said...

bankelele, was there not a chance to do a visual presentation, like using your laptop or one of their computers to highlight your ideas?

Good luck, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think blogs are there to stay and more companies(and esp CEOs) will see them as good tools to face their (customers/employees etc).

NationMedia/EA should have a blog. It would be nice if they let the "Opinions" or "commentaties" went the blogu way and allowed readers comments

bankelele said...

Holy Cow: I'd combine a few blogs to their existing site. Dr. Mutua's site is quite good, but needs more interactivity - he's a natural to have a blog

itswhatimthinking: can you mail me the HBR report? Am not a subscriber

LJK: I wish I could but the only HR contact is not a member of the panel

dudej: Thanks, but there's nothing extraordinary about this idea whose time has come and is in use elsewhere

Kudrinketh: I hope so. Marck Cuban has a great site

Afro: Thanks, have added her to my list of resources

E-Nyce: That's point No. 5 I want to go back and show them! If only I had another chance

toiyoi: It's an idea whose time is here - not just for Nation.

Anonymous said...


If you want to know more about corporate blogs, visit my reasearch contribution "Should companies integrate corporate blogs into their communication strategies?"


Anonymous said...

good site

shamalla said...

I wanted to know are there any companies that run a corporate blog in Kenya.

bankelele said...

mamamikes (site sponsor) (
and capital FM - who used to have a blogspot one but are now doing full corporate ( the only examples that come to mind

shamalla said...

I am researching on corporate blogging.
Cedric the link doesn’t work?
I would like to know everything about corporate blogging in Kenya!
But first: Some people would argue that we don't have an email culture yet, so corporate blogging would be a giant leap, and we would be living several stages out. What do you think? Are we ready for corporate blogging?
Are there any companies in Kenya running a corporate blogging?

mrsmwiti said...

Thanks for this. I was doing research on if we have any Kenyan corporate blogs and your post came up on Google.

Mama mikes have tried but it looks comical coz they write blog posts like letters. Good attempt(by them) though.

Blogs are part of social media . Kenyan companies will soon catch up.


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