Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Caused by unexpectedly high construction demand around the country and with cement companies already producing at full capacity.

For the missing middle. Many banks claim to have financing products for SME sector, but the collateral, and other borrowing requirements are too rigid for many deserving applicants.

Good stockbrokers
A very lucrative business (1.5% commission per trade) with restricted membership, but with hundreds of thousands of new customers (from Kengen, Scangroup, Equity and Kenya Re IPO's) why not license more players to enter the sector and serve these new shareholders?

There’s a water shortage this week in some parts of the city and blame is being put on water diversion to the ongoing Nairobi International Trade Fair (aka Nairobi Show) whose many activities require a lot of water.


Girl in the Meadow said...

There is a water shortage in Nairobi. Now i understand. And power? At our digz, no water, no power.

Most stock brokers are career accountants; They simply have refused to expand their resources even when they know it is defeatist to do so.

How do you explain that only CFC has taken measures to open new branches

hisagal said...

I most definately am with you regarding the stock brokers shortage (infatc i think shortage is an understatement). the walls just have to break. every investor has to go through a stock brokers who are sooo few, and eve among them, we have those that do not have the capacity to gove the services!!! so so frustrating|!!!!

bankelele said...

dudej: we clealy need more than 18 - many of which are one office operations. Sooner or later Barclays or KCB are going to want in

Shiroh: At least we have power, but still no water. Some of the otehrs have 1 or 2 offices out of Naiorbi, but not enough

hisagal: Many don't want to exapnd capacity, thinking IPO's are one off things and traffic will go down, but it won't. Many urbanites want to trade shares and will pester brokers to sell shares when prices rise

mushenzi: CMA, but also teh NSE is a fratenity that unfortunately may not want to have 100 members


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