Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March 8: From Dreams to Women’s Day

One day I’d like to buy an airline for 5 shillings!

Kengen sucks
According to Jaindi Kisero demand for Kengen shares is dragging down other share prices as shareholders are cashing out other shares to build up cash positions in anticipation of Kengen opening on March 20.

How to go from blog writer to magazine writer ( from low culture). The humorous article also helps explain what the myriad job titles at media houses mean and show exactly who does what

Jobs Regional HR manager at the British Council Kenya. Details at and application deadline is March 17.

2007 elections: It was a pleasant surprise to find that the Electoral Commission of Kenya is now carrying out year round voter registrations, an exercise which used to be a closely guarded secret that was manipulated in the past to handicap election results. But nothing yet on overseas registration and voting.

Sponsor a starehe girl: At a cost of 65,000 (about $900) per year for everything. All cheques should be made payable to Starehe Girls Center P O Box 6847-00200 Nairobi.

Writing: The World Bank has launched an International Essay Competition for 2006. The Bank and its partners are inviting young people 18 to 25 years old to share their experiences and ideas on community work and participation in public life. The deadline for submission of essays is April 2 and finalists shall be announced on May 1 and invited to present their essays to the jury from May 29 - 30.

Bar talk
Men gossip as much as women after a few tuskers as we socialize in bars. Here are the gathering over one evening, with some names omitted.

- How can members of parliament take 5 month Christmas holiday? I have about 5 friends who are seriously planning to run for parliament in 2012.

- Even as Kenya and Sudan move to sign a trade agreement, the Kenyan side has let go the architect of the Sudan peace process.

- The Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya could face corruption charges following some allegations which are not new.

- How the latest multi year and multi-million shilling corruption awareness campaign is being handled by a company associated with the President’s buddy.

- how can someone suspeneded over corruption allegations be rewarded with a new job in charge of food security at the time when there is starvation in the country?

My contribution to women’s day is that the above mentioned corruption allegations may result in Kenya having it’s first female Governor at the Central Bank and first female chancellor at a public university.


Orkoiyot said...

I was anxiously awaiting some reaction to Mogere's appointment. It's ridiculous that Kibaki wld bring him back, ostensibly as a result of pressure from Kisii political leadership. I'd be angry if i was Kisii- is there shortage of competent managers?

Its true that ECK's voter registration has hitherto been designed to catch us in surprise, and disappear before u get ur act together! Ive been a victim! Atleast now i can get my card with ease and VOTE IN Uhuru :)

Prousette said...

Am not very surprised that Mogere got his job back. That is the old style.
Very soon the three M will be back considering the Prezzo said "kama hautaki mtu utafanya nini?" He has a point though we shall not forget.

About time we had women too just to experience the different styles of leadership.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great! Thanks for the pointer to the World Bank essay contest! I'm probably going to submit an essay.

Kenyananalyst said...

This is late...but it is in honour of one of the women I respect...and her country...


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