Monday, January 16, 2006

Shares, veges and boxing


The number of complaints about stockbrokers continue to pile up, and while they are not serious enough to warrant official complaints to the CMA (E-mail:, they cause great distress to shareholders. some examples; buy/sell orders are not executed on time, orders are forgotten, cheques are not processed on time, shares are sold without orders, shares are not immobilized for months, shareholders are not told about what/when to buy/sell shares etc. Even if one were to switch accounts and join one of the better brokers, the treatment would not be better.

I have found that the best way to avoid some of this frustrations is to insist on having a personal account manager at the stockbrokers' office – who will handle all your personal share matters – one who you can call/e-mail about orders, payments, settlements, share advice etc. Otherwise shareholder frustrations will continue....



On Friday I want to have the usual fried fish lunch at my favourite eating house, only to be served cabbage instead of the usual greens along with the meal. I haven’t liked cabbage since high school where I had endured four years of bland servings of it, and when I talked to the owner, she agreed with me completely – cabbage sucks! But it’s all she can afford now that the price of sukuma wiki (greens) has shot up from 300 to about 2,000 shillings a sack, while green leaves now go for around 25 shillings a bunch, up from 5 a few months ago. And while the price of cabbage has also gone up, it will continue to be served until the drought and supply of green vegetable situation in Nairobi changes - hopefully in the near future.

needs an air ticket

Congestina Achieng is an inspiring fighter, who talks tough and backs up her talk accurately with her fists. But I fear that, like many other Kenyan athletes, bad/poor management is going to curtial her promising career. Her decisions to take part in “world championship fights” here in Nairobi that are arranged by her management, while being an enjoyable treat to her fans, are not the best way for her to set up her dream title match against Laila Ali. There's no way Laila Ali will come to fight in Nairobi - where boxing matches are delayed for hours over fees, where managers fleece fans and boxers, where venues and opponents are changed at the last minute, and where fans throw debris into the ring to celebrate a knockdown. If Congestina truly wants to cement her reputation as a world champion, she needs to fly to to Asia, Europe, South America and eventually the USA - to take on their best fighters and champions, and knock them out.

Others bits
- Safaricom has introduced Bamba50 – a 50 shilling credit voucher, matching Celtel's lowest credit voucher.
- High Point Hotel in Lower (upper) Hill (owned by Joe Wanjui) is expanding to take advantage of the resurgent business in the sector.
- Hunting of animals could soon resume in Kenya according to wildlife officials. (Also a pro-hunting opinion piece)


Anonymous said...

nice post,
lol abt the cabbages. now abt the stockbrokers, francis drummond is being a tad slow answering their's hoping they get to it.

Farmgal said...

I can still smell cabbage, many years after leaving school. yuk!

Whispering Inn said...

I hate cabbages too! Stockbrokers seem to be in keeping with the gross incompetence and careless ways of Kenyans.
Totally with you on Congestina. In fact, she should come straight to the US and fight here. She needs good promoters, lawyers and good sharp people around her.

bankelele said...

Afro: Am a bit disappointed with FD so far and will go there today - but bad service seems to be evereywhere.

Farmgal said: Cabbage still a staple food at too many schools today.

Whispering Inn & cute_angel: stockbrokers and cabbages are no-no's this week. As for Congestina, she needs to take up seome serious fights that will give catch the attention of serious boxing promoters and fans, beyond Kenya.

Omani said...

About the re-introduction of hunting. This one needs debate and transparency to be sustainable.I'm sceptical about wildlife management in Kenya which has largely been for photo safaris.I think we can develop more neat tourism products with what we have than to go shooting away wildlife.
On another note, perhaps we can emulate the Zimbabweans C.A.M.P.F.I.R.E programme of sustainable management(

Anonymous said...

I hate cabbage too. Four years of very very bad cabbage at Alliance put me off the damn vegetable for life.

Unfortunately, my wife loves the stuff. Not only does she make me eat it, she makes me cook it too.

The things we do for love.


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