Friday, January 20, 2006

Airbus to Kenya Airways?

Airbus have set their sights on re-capturing some aircraft orders from Kenya Airways.

The Boeing – Kenya Airways (KQ) partnership has been very successful especially with Boeing’s highly-rated 777 and it looks unlikely that airbus will break the Boeing strange-hold on KQ's fleet. Still, the airline industry is a continuously evolving one and airline order decisions can be determined be whoever can come up with the most creative financing offer.

Boeing has already selected KQ’s main rival - Ethiopian Airlines to be the launch African airline for it’s new 787 aircraft. Airbus can counter that move by buying up KQ’s older Boeing 767 aircraft from the airline and selling Kenya Airways their new all-new A350 instead at heavily discounted prices - as their African launch customer.

Other news
CMC: (distributors of new Volkswagen, ford, land rover, others) The company's turnover increased from 6 to 6.81 billion shillings and after tax profit increased from 263m to 340 million shillings (7.0 EPS). The company will pay a dividend of 1.5 shillings after the AGM to be held Connaught House in industrial area on February 24 at 11 a.m. (Shareholders register closes on Jan 31)

A Baumann: AGM will be held at the Bomas of Kenya on Saturday February 11.

Serena: Kenya Commericla Bank will set up help desks at its branches to assist Serena shareholders in regard to the share swap offer.

Foreign Aid to Africa
- The European Union will set up its own trust fund to disburse aid to Africa without reference to the World Bank which is currently led by U.S. neo-conservative Paul Wolfowitz.
- The US plans to re-deploy diplomats from Europe and send them to developing countries.


Ford foundation international fellowship program will be giving out 16 fellowships to Kenyans (among 47 to East Africans) for studies in any part of the world. Ford will finance tuition, health insurance, subsistence, travel and other costs towards up to 3 years of formal post gradate study. Forms and details can be obtained from this site and the deadline for applications is March 1.

For ranchers: To combat the loss of livestock from the on-going drought, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Finance Corporation have launched a livestock- off-take program which targets private ranch owners with surplus land capacity to purchase animals from drought-hit areas. Apply through

For mid-size farms: A horticultural exporter is seeking farmers in Rift Valley and Central provinces with at least 40 acres of land, year round supply of water, adequate labour, and who are willing to implement EUREPGAP requirements - who will then grow French beans or snow peas for exports . Apply to DNA/615 P O Box 49010-00100 Nairobi by 28 February.

beer distribution
East African Breweries is seeking distributors of its senator keg brand. Applicants must have a pick-up, retail outlet, PIN & VAT registration and be prepared to invest 600,000 shillings in the business. Apply to the head of group procurement EABL P O Box 30161 Nairobi by January 30.

Accountant at the Kenya Horticultural Development Program/USAID Applicants should be fully qualified accountants with 5 years experience in budget preparation and financial management, preferably having prior accounts experience with USAID-funded projects. Apply to by February 24.

British American Asset Managers
- Portfolio Manager: applicants must have business degree, professional qualification e.g. CFA and have worked in investment management for 3 years.
- Manager – Intermediary Development: applicants must have business degree with a marketing qualification and 3 years experience in financial services.
- Financial Planning Manager (7 positions): applicants should have business degree, 3 years experience in financial industry e. g banking, insurance, stock broking or fund management.
Apply to by February 3.

KLSA - Pannell Kerr Forster
- Audit managers: applicants should have a degree with accounting qualification (e.g. CPA, ACCA, ACA) and five years experience at audit firm, providing audit services to different companies as well as posses good knowledge of ISA and IFRS
- Tax Manager: applicant should have degree with accounting qualification (e.g. CPA, ACCA, ACA) and five years experience at a tax consulting firm.
Apply to by 15 February.

KADET Microfinance (a World Vision subsidiary)
- Head of Operations: applicants should have advanced business degree, 10 years experience in banking or micro finance, - at least 5 of which at senior level and be aged 30 – 45 years.
- Human Resource & Administration Manager: applicant should have a business degree with HR specialization and 4 years HR and admin experience at large corporation (age 28 – 45)
- Executive Assistant to CEO: applicants should have university degree, 3 years PA experience and be aged 28 – 35 years.
Apply to by January 27.

Procurement Specialist to the Government of Kenya micro, small and medium enterprises competitiveness project. Applicants should have 8 years relevant experience, a commerce or business degree with good knowledge of GoK and World Bank procurement procedures and be members of the chartered institute of purchases and supplies (MCIPS). Apply to by 10 February.

Airline: Precision Air (Tanzania) is hiring 10 flight attendants. Apply to

Gambling: The Panari Center is seeking dealers, inspectors and pit bosses to work at its casino.


Anonymous said...

Thank for the regular updates especially opportunities - I'm planning to move back home; so this is very helpful.

Anonymous said...

what is your opinion on unga group i know they had a dismal 5 years but turned a profit last year and are under a new management team called seaboard which i think is american would yu recommend a buy


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