Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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Pesa Point ATM’s
Pesa Point, an independent network of automated teller machines (ATM’s) will officially launch on Friday October 21st. In a Sunday Nation feature on the launch (PDF) , Paynet MD Bernard Mathewman said eight partners are expected to be part of the initial launch. One Bank likely to be among the first partners is Equity Bank. Also NIC, whose major shareholders own Paynet could also link up their 17 MOVE Zone ATM’s to Pesa Point.

The company says 30 are ready now and they hope to have 120 independent pesa point ATM's by year end in hotel lobbies, supermarkets, petrol stations, and other retail outlets (Caltex has already signed on). For comparison, Co-operative Bank has 58 ATM’s (31 in Nairobi) and KCB has 86, with plans to have 115 by the end of the year while another network of shared ATM’s, Kenswitch, was launch in 2003 and now has about a dozen banks whose customers use each others 30 ATM’s.

New Bond available
The Athi River Mining bond is now available to investors. The Issue is for Kshs 800 million, offered on a floating rate basis with a final maturity in 2010 and is priced at a margin of 175 basis points (1.75%) above the 91 day T-Bill.

Applications and payments must be delivered to to either Barclays Financial Services, Stanbic Bank Kenya, Dyer & Blair Investment Bank, Ashbhu Securities Limited, or Dry Associates Limited by 3.00 p.m. on Monday, 24 October 2005 with payment made out by banker’s Cheque or by bank transfer/remittance to the Athi River Mining Ltd Bond Receiving Payments Account, in the books of Cooperative Bank, Account Number 011 2030 2835 00, Branch Code 11002, Nairobi. If the offer is over-subscribed, preference will be given to investors in notes greater than 5 million shillings. The bond will then be listed on the sting on the NSE, availing a secondary trading market

KRA anniversary
Also on Friday, President Kibaki will mark the 10th anniversary of the Kenya Revenue Authority at KICC.

Nairobi marathon
The registration deadline for the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon has been extended to Saturday. Many City roads will be closed on Sunday morning to facilitate the marathon.

Low cost housing scheme
Superior Homes will put up 400 3- bedroom apartments bungalows (phase 1) to be known as Green Park Housing Development at Stoney Athi, along Mombasa road.

several accounting positions: at Safaricom Details will soon be posted at their website and the deadline for applications to is 25th October. Positions are:

- senior accountant – reporting
- senior accountant – financial systems & analysis
- senior accountant – accounts receivables
- senior accountant – payables (2 positions: local and foreign)
- senior accountant – general ledger
- senior accountant – cash book
- accountant – accounts payable (2 positions: local and foreign)
- accountant – accounts receivables
- cashier

chief accountant: at Oserian Development Company (one of Kenya’s largest flower grower based in Naivasha). Job entails supervising all accounts and payroll staff, data input for preparation of monthly financial statements and audits, financial and system controls, treasury management and compliance with legislative and accounting standard. Applicants must have bachelor’s degrees (accounts or finance option) and at least 3 years work experience at senior management level preferably as chief financial accountant. Must also be a fully qualified accountant with 5 years work experience. Apply to the human resource manager, by November 4.

loans manager: at the Kenya Tourism Development Corporation. Job entails drawing and implementing lending policies to facilitate processing award and recovery process. Also maintain records of loan applications, set performance objectives, coordinate staff and educate the public on the corporations lending policies and requirements. Applicants should have an economics degree with a bias towards development finance, postgraduate finance qualification and at least 10 years relevant working experience at a senior level. Apply to the managing director, by October 26


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the info about jobos available...nice!

Spidey/Tato said...

hey u better be gettin a commision from this ebu i search as well. good lookin out

Orkoiyot said...

On Pea Point- i have some apprehension on the positioning of some of the ATM cubicles that have already been planted. For instance, the cubicle put up at Hurlingham Kenol Petrol Station- (Kula Korner). The thing's been planted right against the road. So while, the guard will ensure that nobody interrupts your withdrawal/deposit or whatever service u r accessing; nobody can guarantee your safety as soon as you cross the road. If you know the spot am talking about, one can be spotted from very far away and i personally wld feel too vulnerable, if not driving, to make a withdrawal from that machine. I think's thats something that they'd want to think about i.e. setting up in more concealed environments eg. the hotel lobby and in malls. Lakini, that notwithstanding, kudos for the inconvenience that they'll save us from.

Incidentally, my bank charges me 40/- per withdrawal from a Kenswitch machine. If (for example) Equity hooks up with Pesa Point and charge me less, while offering a similar account product, i will definitely jump ship!!!

bankelele said...

KRA have canceled KICC function:

teej and Nick: thanks, its a useful service, since many many people in diaspora would like to appply and jobs are not many jobs are posted online.

Kibet: I have not used Pesa Point, though I will try and check out the Hurlingham point.

I have used Kenswitch (and i thought they all charged 30/=)

Unknown said...

@Kibet I agree on te location of the pesa point ATMs I've seen the one at hurlingham and I wouldn't exactly feel comfortable going there to withdraw cash.
Apart from that I think its amazing how the financial sector in Kenya performed what i think was a miraculous turnaround in the last 12 months. Pesa point will further enhance this by providing acces to money for businessmen outside major city centres


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