Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Flat fee Banking

Flat fee bank accounts are the closest thing to free-checking accounts here. NIC was teh first with MOVE (launched in November 2003) and since then other Bank's have tried to imitate the MOVE concept whose main feature was an offer of a variety of bank transactions - all for a flat monthly fee. A comparison of the offers in order of rank;

1.Diamond Trust Open Plan:(490/= shillings per month)
Diamond Trust Open Plan includes ATM card, one chequebook each year inward salary processing, unlimited deposits & withdrawals from ATM and quarterly statement internal transfers. The Bank also has Open Air: (For 690/=) which comes with spouse ATM card, free internet banking, 2 cheque books a year, and monthly statement) and Open Sky: (For 790/=) which offers one a a designated relationship manager, 3 cheque books a year, 1 free bankers cheque per month and unlimited standing orders inclusive of loan instalments to other banks. DTB currently has 11 ATM locations (9 in Nairobi).

2. NIC Move (800/= month)
MOVE includes a free ATM Card, 50-leaf cheque book, incoming salary transfers, monthly Standing orders & direct debits, one free Bankers' cheque per month, internet banking, monthly statement, SMS Banking and MOVE Zone Locations have loan/account representatives and self-help PC available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. MOVE has 13 (11 in Nairobi) ATM locations.

3. Standard Chartered All-in-One (750/= per month)
Stanchart includes ATM card, cheque books, standing orders, local/foreign telegraphic transfer, travellers cheques, local ATM withdrawals, free foreign currency purchase/sale, free DEBIT card and one free bankers cheque per month. Has the largest ATM network (58) out of the four banks.

4. CFC (Saturday only)
CFC Bank has some transactions free on Saturdays only including: interim statements, chequebooks, banker’s cheques/drafts, and traveller’s cheques. (All are subject to minimum balance of 10,000 maintained throughout the month, otherwise a fee of Kshs.500 per month)


Anonymous said...

What about equity bank? anything on them?

bankelele said...

no flat fee product at Equity yet


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