Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Safaricom’s future?

There’s no slowing down the Nation’s Jaindi Kisero, even after he moved on to the East African. He reveals that Vodaphone has offered to buy 11% in Safaricom for $100 million to give them a majority 51%. His commentary is naturally back in the Nation today where he points out that the offer is unlikely to receive a positive response from the Government amid complaints of how a "Kenyanisation" programme for key positions in Safaricom, which had been spelt out in an agreement at the company's inception, has been ignored and how the company has a high expatriate dose. (is this (i) another Broken MOU, this time by Vodaphone or (ii) a move to force out top expatriates at Safaricom or (iii) a final FU to Sir Edward Clay?)


Anonymous said...

Our Government should not sell the shares to vodafone. If it has to sell many kenyans (including me) are willing to buy the shares!!

bankelele said...

Vodaphone will support an IPO giving Kenyan shareholders 49% (when Telkom/government sells all its shares)

Anonymous said...

when will safaricom issue an IPO?


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