Monday, June 27, 2005

End of the month psychology – part I

Your Bank account is empty; you stay home more and eat ugali and greens. Soccer/sports are not that important anymore, and you’d rather stay home and watch whatever is on TV. You discover how boring daytime TV is, even if you have DSTV.
Bills are piling up, and you’re outraged at the rising cost of electricity, water, and petrol. You snarled at two up-country relatives, who visited your office today – they came to the city to beg for money because they believe anyone earning a living in an office, is not really working and therefore doesn’t deserve the money – and should instead give it to his struggling relatives up-country (it costs just as much to get to Nairobi and return). They leave your office, to go and hit up other working relatives, not knowing that we are mostly paid at about the same time.

You discover what your bank account minimum balance is. And when you have 1,300 in the bank and can’t make a withdrawal (the minimum is 1,000), you’re tempted to deposit 201 and withdraw 500 shillings. You skip Batman, and run your car till the empty fuel light shows, then buy 200 shillings worth of fuel and move on. You don’t call anyone, and you don’t SMS either – but since you have too much dignity to flash people, you only use your phone as an alarm clock, organizer, calculator and camera. Meanwhile you make 101 resolutions, to ensure you’re not broke by this time next month.


Anonymous said...

Kweli mwezi iko corner ....

brother man is broke ....... :)

I think we should start payday loans in Kenya to target affluent kenyans like you who need 1000-30000 shs for a weekend plot or to go for Batman :)

Unknown said...

One sane individual u are banker..I am yet to understand how, Wine bar, Ibiza, Seasons, and all those other 'working-class' will always be full ikifika that monday of the end month..

Which psychology (and cash) are they using??

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment a while back on a jamas experience when he got home from US. I was really interested on getting your side of that story. Si you hook us up.


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