Wednesday, August 05, 2009

AGOA Week in Kenya II

Went for a mini-tour of the exhibits outside the on-going AGOA conference with a focus on other African countries like Zambia, Senegal, Mali, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Zambia. Most of the products were agricultural or textile in nature.

Kenyan companies were there too with big tents, lots of state agencies, but the curios were Masai market upgrades. There were also some plastics and media companies. At the Color Creations stand, had a nice chat with CEO Eva Muraya (its always nice to when the boss rolls up his/her sleeves, runs the stand, and meets prospective customers)


PKW said...

Thanks for sharing. I went to Color Creations' About Us page, and they have been in business for over 2002 years? Oversight, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs Up

tumwijuke said...

Echoing PKW. Thanks for sharing.

bankelele said...

PKW: would you rather deal with a CEO directly or a website? ;-}

asalispot / tumwijuke: you're welcome

Anonymous said...

Nice post & blog. Keep it up


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