Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Google Launches Local Maps Domain for Kenya

On March 31, 2009 Google launched the local domain for Google Maps in Kenya, - an interactive map with many features and business listings.

Some Features
- Users can add locations to their own my maps (Local celebrities have contributed (Wangari Mathai, Churchill, and Julie Gichuru)
- Content can be added to maps by individuals such as photos of place, restaurant reviews, hotel information (no. of rooms, visa card accepted) and Wikipedia entries
- Photos that have coordinates can be over-laid
Business owners can add their business locations and details
- Collaborate users can share information and invite select others to contribute on parties, events, add maps and event-related information
- Privacy information can be designated as private of public (search engine accessible)
- Local websites can embed google maps by simply by adding some code
- Mobile phone same features for kenya also accesible via Google Maps for Mobile - like search, driving directions, show traffic, favorites, and my location
- Mapmaker: Tool can be enhanced with google mapmaker
- All these are Free

Other Mapping Events
- March 31 Skunkworks Tuesday at KCCT Teleposta Towers 4th Floor, from 5.45 pm. A talk by Dennis Karanja, Regional Director EA Sybase, a mobile phone application development company.
- More developer workshops being held today @Google
- Google will also sponsor Where Camp Africa on Saturday April 4


tumwijuke said...

Oooh, I am green with envy. I've developed a strange obsession with social cartography lately and I'm dying to have a copy with a couple of people in the know.

Maishinski said...

This is really good stuff from the Google Kenya team!

Smart Kenyan Software entrepreneurs will be thinking of how to turn this into a money making opportunity...

e.g. Fleet management software that maps driver location based on GPS coordinates etc.

It's another "quiet big one" folks - just like the Smart Cards!

bankelele said...

Tumwijuke: Kampala also well mapped by Google maps and the whole idea is for more people to contribute online

Maishinski: done
We’ll see how this develops. .certainly any business owner should get online and make sure he’s on the map for yellow pages searches.

coldtusker said...

Maishinski: GPS is already here... many tracking firms provide the service. Great for fleet management. Pricey but I think prices will drop as internet access becomes cheaper.

Makanga said...

Definitely a good step forward

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the satellite images are not up to date. They are several years back while there have been a lot of new developments and changes.

mikeotechi said...

Does this mean now we can have Streetviews and Birdseye views with this development?


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