Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Safaricom 2s

Three weeks after Safaricom’s share price dipped into the 3 shilling range the share is on the verge of tumbling into the 2/'s [$0.025] - down from the IPO of 5/= and brief high of 8/=.

what are others saying?

Coldtusker points to some deals that can be cut cheaply with NSE shares.

KCIG states that a bear market should be no big deal for serious investors.

Analysts are still producing reports on NSE shares to buy (Access Kenya). What about when to sell?

Everyone’s doing it, so throw more stones at D&B - Dyer & Bair who structured the Safaricom IPO.

Shut down the NSE?: Closing the shares market to salvage what’s left was proposed in Nigeria and now a stockskenya thread has taken it up here as well.

Could be worse: Liquid Trader gives insights on the SA economy that are not easy to decipher by watching CNBC.

Another IPO you say? Co-Op Bank opens tomorrow. No prospectus out yet, but here’s another PDF from the Bank MD.

Looking for work? here’s a great new local Kenya job blog.


Mystery Shopper said...

Not directly related but please check out this new blog about Customer Service and Service Delivery in Kenya. Its @

coldtusker said...

Come on... you could find a more gory picture of blood on the street... LOL...

Anonymous said...

Hey banks and everyone.....just checked that site....loooks like they are trying so hard to copy an already existing one,or do they belong to the same blogger?

New one is:

Old one is:

bankelele said...

Mystery Shopper: welcome, get a few more posts up

Coldtusker: not enough blood for you?

mikal said...

Bankelele, interesting that you could not come up with an original site when copying

E-Nyce said...

Heads-Up (warning?) about ...

I've been following the site for several months and found MOST of the listings to be valid. There was one instance where the information from kenyanjobs blog was more detailed than the company's own website!

Even so, there is something unsettling about the blog... a week or two ago, I posted 3 comments to the site -- one congratulatory--and the owner responded with a 'Thank You'; one warning against plagiarism, advising that the owner to simply put the reference source of his/her post (it was taken from a book on job seeking advice); one advising that a job listing was obviously a scam or phishing attempt.

A few days later, all my comments were deleted. Just today, I noticed that ALL Comments seem to have been deleted, and commenting function disabled.

Sure, a site/blog owner can do whatever s/he wants in terms of their site, but I wonder why the owner would feel so antagonistic againsts comments, especially for a site that seems to be legit, and offering a fabulous service.

Now I see from an Anonymous commenter above that kenyanjobs blog may be copying, although the sites look so similar I also wonder if it is the same owner. At least on myafricancareer the Comments function is still active. For the moment...

bankelele said...

mikal: how have i copied - i have never used any content from that site

E-Nyce: is a good site with jobs that reproduces listings that are not in the local media. thre's some mismatch though as seen from the previous comment

E-Nyce said...

Comments are back on, at least on most recent posts. And recent job advice posts had :gasp: links to the original source! (albeit at the end of the posts)

Hmmm, all coincidence? Let's see how long this last.


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