Monday, June 23, 2008



This is post number one thousand! Like Romario’s goals, some have been dubious, or forgotten, but many well received. It’s been a great 3 ½ year journey and thanks to all the people I have met, tips sent in, questions asked, frequent commenters et. al

Thank you to my sponsors - Mamamikes and Hisanet - whose support has been a helpful reward for the time put into this medium.

Great people I met this week through KBW, Skunkworks, Makutano, and thank for their time and chats (in no particular order) to AKS (of, Coldtusker, EGM, Hash, Intelligensia, Kenyan Pundit, Kirima, Mental, Nakeel, Riyaz, Shiroh Kenyan Poet, Sports Kenya, Alpha Quadrant, and all others from Barcamp, Safari Sevens, and other events this week. I'll start twittering for Afromusing next.

Safaricom Day 11
Week three kicks off with the company still accounting for over 92% of the shares volume and 75% of the cash at the NSE: Deals 6,151, Turnover Kshs. 785.2 million ($12.27 million), Average 7.82, Closing price unchanged, High 7.90, Low 7.75, Last 7.85, Volume 100.4 million shares. commentary: Market is in equilibrium for now. Short term Investors are still supplying the market just below 8. Very well supported here. I expect a break higher, once the market absorbs the balance. I cannot believe it will be very long because of the activity we have already witnessed.

What’s next
Up next after Safaricom is the KCB rights issue whose options began trading today and whose ‘prospectus is now (PDF)


kirima said...

Congrats 1000 is quite a milestone!!!
Great meeting and hearing from you will try and adopt your advice on keeping numbers.

Afromusing said...


V. Glad that you'll be twittering soon :-)

Mwari Wa David said...

Congrats on 1000 posts! Keep on...Perhaps you can ran a series of posts for beginners in investing...Some like me are far behind in financial mgt.

MainaT said...

kudos to you Banks

E-Nyce said...

Best Wishes, and all the best to you! Congratulations on the Big 1000!

Ssembonge said...

1000 is no small feat. Keep it up.

coldtusker said...

Congrats!!! It's coz pf your blog that I started blogging!

The Figure - TM said...

Hallo, hallo; 1000 and counting....way to go Banks ! True the BarCamp was quite something for the weekend. Certainly look forward to more interactive forums like these.
Btw interesting presentation in the lightening session...Congratulations!

Gitts said...

congrats- also saw you at barcamp now I can put a face on you

Girl In the Meadow said...

Congrats on the 1000. It was great to see you

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Congrats. V. informative blog you run, best in Kenya, in my opinion.

adam23 said...


On ranking the investment banks and brokerage firms in Kenya,...don't overlook how Dyer and Blair sucks in their customer service and follow up, including their supervisor.

HASH said...

Great seeing you at both Barcamp and Safari Sevens. Banks, you're a legend.

Anonymous said...
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ka-investor said...


I too was inspired by your writing. Hope I blog to 1,000 one day.


Anonymous said...

I was at barcamp and as soon as you started with your "keeping records" presentation i knew it had to be bankelele!! A friend introduced me to your blog and i have been an adent reader ever since...if i miss reading the friday papers i always make sure to read ur blog for the job opportunities...congrats on reaching the 1000 mark..i think i'm on my 10th but i'll get there...congrats again

Maishinski said...

1,000 posts, dude you need a life!

(Just kiddin)


Your blog has been a convenient place to post comments and debate with others on matters that affect all Kenyans.

Like they used to say in the 80s, "Keep on Keeping on..." Cheers!

Wall Street Sweetheart said...

congratulations on your k

i am meanwhile starting out. im sure you'll have my back.

bankelele said...

Kirima: Thanks, keep up the Central life stories

Afromusing: Thanks, will be able to engage my thoughts better from phone

Mwari: Am not the best person for that, but will keep trying to enlighten some issues

MainaT: Thank you, keep it up in UK

E-Nyce: Thanks, tuendelee

Ssembonge: Never thought it would get this far, it was not a waste of time

Coldtusker: Thank you, don’t slack off

The Figure – TM: the biggest ever, I hope it does not lose its cool content after this one

Gitts: See you at the next barcamp

Girl In the Meadow: Pizza next stop

Proud Kikuyu Woman: Thank you, it’s just my ramblings, no structure compared to Kwani, others

Adam23: I think all brokers are still over-whelmed in post-IPO period and before they can rest, there are refunds and another 150,000 KCB applications to process

HASH: Thank you? Legend kitu gain?

Ka-investor: I sometimes forget what I have written and have to use 3 year old posts for reference. The archives are easier to wade through than any local newspaper

Mashinc: I haven’t done job posts in a while, there haven’t been that many. I’m happy to see more employers (KQ, Safariom, KCB, and Equity) putting jobs online themselves

Maishinski: Very true. I must also thank my family for support and my employer for the capacity

Wall Street Sweetheart: welcome. Let’s see how you develop


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