Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ndungu Land Report

Its the season for leaks; We have seen the Kroll and Charterhouse reports in the last few months, and now it's the never publicly released Ndungu Land Report courtesy of anti-corruption watchdog, Mars Group Kenya.


webjinx said...

If i can only get the pdfs to download..Thanks banks...Hope the site doesn't go down cauz of heavy traffic.

MainaT said...

Bingo! This report whats the solution to the 2007 General Elections. Why not jail any direct benefeciary of land grabbing for 5 years. It seems to me that this would mean that 2 presidential candidates (Kibaki and Raila) would go in as would their main henchmen (Ruto, Karume); other malevolentt influences such as M-0-1 and his sons, Nyachae and so forth down the food chain. Then, we really would have CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

MainaT- It appears you mean PNU's solution to winning, but can't work because they would have to deal with each report in order of occurance starting with Goldenberg, Anglo, Kroll or they will loose more votes for seeming to act unfairly.


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