Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Idea exchange: Call for papers

Nairobist is a great investment site with reports and charts like those in the business daily.

There as an investment report put out on Dyer & Blair that I was able to pull up from their site to read.

- They are also looking for a full time blogger - details here

- Anyone with a copy of the actual Kenya re prospectus, please email it to me? (investment bank analysis also welcome)

- Aly Khan Satchu, who used to post comments here, now has an occasional stock tips column in the Nairobi star newspaper. (His Web site)


ka-investor said...

thanks for the infor banks i will be applying for that Nairobist full time blogger. the kenya re prospectus will be out from tomorrow. but you manage to get it today please make it available for us too.

Michael said...

Banks,have also been hunting for that elusive Kenya Re prospectus.Plse let us know if you manage to find it.

MainaT said...

banks-fyi, D&B do post the same research reports on the website with a time-lag.

On Kenya Re and even AK IPOs, isn't there any requirement that the prospectus has to be realised before the IPo application duration?

MainaT said...

Banks-Faida have posted some research on Kenya RE.

pesa tu said...

@ka-investor: hope u get the gig.
@everyone: Kenya-re prospectus is hard to get, think it will be out on Wednesday

Anonymous said...

just wanted t o share some dumb article in the nation editorial pages

long live capitalism

Anonymous said...

i have one with me, my e-mail is doowop8@yahoo.com

bankelele said...

zgka-investor: good luck

Michael: got one today, will try and read it by weekend

MainaT: Thanks for the links. Shame that I-banks have had it for weeks and were able to do some research ahead of time (ready for 18/7). Ill go thru report myself. Minsiter Kimunya said on TV (and relseased a statatement today) saying CMA rules forbade publishing of a prospectus before IPO opened

pesa tu: got it from CFC today

doowop8: thanks but i'm fine now

Aly Khan said...


Hi Want to touch base with you. Please email me on alykhansatchumacro@fastmail.fm so that I can correspond. Thanks for the support.


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