Sunday, June 03, 2007

KPLC unbundled

A new company will be spun off from the Kenya Power and Lighting Company once PricewaterhouseCoopers complete a review and formulate a balance sheet for the new transmission company.

RVR shutdown: Kenya Ports Authority has ended a contract with Rift Valley Railways for non performance. What ails the company that has invested so much in new trains? Well the actual railway is still run by Kenya railways who have not seen any significant investment in years (but who have just advertised for a new MD)

Other Madaraka Jobs
most from the papers

Aureos Kenya a private equity funds is seeking investment professionals. Apply by
20/6 the managing partner at 43233-00100 Nairobi.

British airways: Trade sales manager east Africa, Corporate sales manager East Africa. Apply to by 8/6

Investment Research Consultants at Kaimana Consulting to evaluate investment opportunities in the emerging markets of Eastern Africa. Apply to


MainaT said...

Banks-thanks. Re KPLC, what is the new company going to be doing? I hope they create a Rular Distribution Company and keep the other one to do the urban areas and stem the transmission losses.
On, RVR-fairly predictable and sad turn of events.

ilanit said...

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