Monday, April 16, 2007

last laugh

Was the MC of a company AGM over the weekend and felt quite good about my performance until I attended a birthday party the same afternoon and found out that the clown there (hired to entertain kids) made more money than I did for my act :-<


coldtusker said...

LOL... which AGM?

And please provide your (usual) write-up... asante!

aegeus said...

ROTFL - You got clowned! :-)

alexcia said...

Next time ask for stock options

At least the clown cant do that

Klara said...


Amkeni wakenya! said...

Stick to your trade!!

m said...

Moral: Go to AGMs as a clown

bankelele said...

coldtusker: no write up for that one. Hope to hit a few though as AGM season kicks in next month & will try and go to some new companies this year.

aegeus: that I did. but even grown-ups found him funny

alexcia: I'll ask for that nest time

Amkeni wakenya & Klara: but he did work hard for his money

m: they won't even let me in. Cops have no sense of humour

acolyte said...

Pole sana! Better luck next year!


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