Sunday, February 04, 2007

CDS expands

The Government will implement a scriptless securities settlement and central depository system for private listed securities and government debt instruments through the FLSTAP program.


coldtusker said...

I thought CBK already has a CDS system that has pre-dated the NSE's by 2 years!

What new CDS system is bring set up?

pesa tu said...

Yes,There's a CDS for GVT. Debt at CBK.I think the new one is for all the other debt issues and private equity like Family Finance shares.
Pliz elaborate-Bankelele

Mashatall said...

private listed securities? banks please elaborate unless the govt. wants to introduce over the counter (OTC) trading for the private shares.

bankelele said...

coldtusker & pesa tu: Extension I think to a "scriptless securities settlement system" that will achive "delivery versus payment" - part of the FLSTAP program.

Mashatall: Wait & see. It would be a god-send for for institutional investors to accees private shares

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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