Friday, November 03, 2006

Bridgestone Exit?

One theory for the massive volumes of Sanmeer Africa (formerly Firestone) shares traded at the is that Bridgestone is finally disposing of its 14.9% (41 million shares) it still holds in company almost two years after the partnership break-up.


Anonymous said...

Then why would the price rise? Who would buy so many shares at higher prices? Sameer E.A?

propaganda said...

There should be a link to Eveready IPO. What's good for Eveready is good for Sameer.

Anonymous said...

props - Why?

Anonymous said...

how about sasini? and again if bridgestone was divesting i would expect the price to dip unless of course the firm is buying back its own shares

gathinga said...

so much activity is taking place around merali controlled businesses.

as per this blog


price has more than doubled from 52 to 114 in less than 2 weeks.

has Merali finaly gotten his groove back contrary to criticism on him from coldtusker

Riba Capital said...

Banks: I have also heard that version about Sameer.

On Sasini; I heard there could be a very healthy share bonus of about 1:2 aimed at increasing shares to be traded.

Eveready IPO: Check my blog.

Personally: Could Merali be profit taking in anticipation for another major move? Or is he financing a probable takeover of another company? Or increasing his investment in Celtel?????

bankelele said...

propaganda: I don't see the link to Evereary

Odegle: I-banks absorb the purchases and release shares to the markets over time - like CDC exited Mumias without causing the price to drop 9 - 11/= (amid heavy volumes traded)

gathinga: Mysterious. Can he revive Marshalls and how will Eveready look 1 year after the IPO euphoria?

propaganda said...

I take back my guess. Merali's only making a few hundred mil from the sale of East African Battery shares (part of Sh100 million from a 16 per cent stake and the rest from 'price discovery'). There must be something bigger elsewhere in the guy's empire.

Anonymous said...

Can't figure out Sasini's rise (except RAMPANT speculation) to 125/-...

Expect profits to be higher in 2005-6 since both tea & coffee prices have risen.

IMHO, Sameer Africa (ex-firestone) DOES NOT have shares in Eveready.

Sameer Africa will probably do better in 2007 vs 2006 if oil prices stay at the $60 level while the economy grows at 5%.

Remember, Merali makes money - for himself...

Banks - Can you provide merali holdings in Sasini for 2005?

His firms include Yana & Legend.

Anonymous said...

All these movements would be much clearer if someone knew which particular brokers did the bulk of the trades.


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