Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pesa Point web site

Pesa Point are working on a web site that finally shows where one can find their ever increasing ATM locations. Still a beta version before being transferred to the official site.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at their competition's site:


I wonder if any has exceeded the 100 ATM mark... otherwise KCB will have still have the most number. Do you have this info banks?

Anonymous said...

hey banks just a thought, do you think the next logical step for this pesa point gyuys will be to move into prepaid VISA. i was working on such a vneture but given my distance it looks like this guys must have this on their mind

Anonymous said...

check out this new blog. I found it to be quite interesting.


Kagz said...


tunataka kujua majina yako kamili.

N'way, i've checked out kenyanentrepreneur.blogspot.com.

Thanx for the info. & endelea na moyo huo huo


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