Saturday, April 01, 2006

NCC loses

The Nairobi City Council has lost a long-running case regarding its controversial land rates increase in a case of concerned citizens saying enough – is – enough.

This is not likely to mean much since:
- Nothing in our courts is ever final, and endless appeals can follow.
- City council is known to ignore court orders and will probably do the same in this case
- Many residents have already paid and will continue to pay, fearing retaliation from council workers.
- Case not well known.
- Still WECareAboutNairobiDOIT did a great job. Next up, is a section of the business community challenging electronic tax registers.


AfroM said...

I think this is the first Bankelele saturday post. Am i right or am i right? glad we dont have to wait till monday for your posts. itaendelea?

bankelele said...

Hi Afro: Have written a few saturday posts, but usualy I'd rather get things done by Friday and unplug for the weekend

Ntwiga said...

Was this the Karengata Association case?

bankelele said...

Ntwiga: This was not Karengata case


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