Friday, April 07, 2006

April 7 Opportunities

Beta health care
- area manager pharmaceuticals
- medical sales representatives
- veterinary sales representatives
- production supervisor (1)
Apply to by April 12

Finance manager Coca Cola in Kisii. Apply to by April 21.

procurement managers at East African Breweries
- marketing & growth support
- services/fleet/IS/logistics
- packaging & raw materials
Apply to by April 21

Kenya Commercial Bank
- manager assets, personal banking
- manager liabilities, personal banking
- manager sales, personal banking
- retail manager
- manager, business banking
- business banker
- acquiring and supper manager
- manager customer care
- card product sales manager
Apply to the divisional director HR P O Box 48400-00100 by 24th April

Kenya Institute of Management
- assistant director member services
- assistant director branch services
- manager executive recruitment & selection
- public relations officer
Apply to by April 18

Kenya Investment Authority formerly the investment promotion centre (IPC)
- managing director
- general manager investment promotion
- general manager investor services
- general manager research, policy advocacy and planning
- general manager legal & corporate affairs
- general manger finance & administration
Apply through Ernst & Young executive selection division at by 28 April. Applicants for all positions are expected to have master’s degrees and at least 10 years experience, 5 at senior management level.

Professionals at Kenya Police; details on all jobs here at the new Kenya Police website.
- pilots
- lawyers
- doctors (pathologists, psychiatrist, veterinary doctors)
- engineers (mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, telecommunication, computer)
- psychologists/counsellors
- educationists
- public relation practitioner
- criminologists
- forensic investigators

Managing director at Marshalls EA. Apply to by April 25.

Customer care representatives at Safaricom as well as other jobs; details on all jobs here;
Other open positions include
- senior in-house counsel – commercial
- senior in-house counsel – property & general advisory
- transmission support engineer
- performance engineer
- SSS support engineer
- senior engineer – implementation & optimisation
- CNP&E engineer – design
- engineer – implementation & optimisation
- principal engineer roaming, IN-VAS interface & equipment power

Japanese Government scholarships; Apply by May 11 and more details here.
- research student scholarships
- college of technology scholarships
- professional training college scholarships


Anonymous said...


What are your prime/key stocks that you invest in? or are likely to invest in now or in the near future and why. Pole for the mob que's

Kaggz said...

Thanks for the job postings. I think you are doing your fellow men a good service.

Know of any opportunities available in Strategic Mgt Consulting?

gishungwa said...

What can i say i have become a frequent visitor to your page and i am moved by your taking time to notify others of the opportunities that are available. keep the goood job up.

Mitzy said...


Read your blog almost daily. Very informative. Kudos on the job postings, please keep it up. Some of us out of Kenya are looking to return soon, its good to evalute the job market now and possibly start sending resumes. Thanks a lot!

Kaggz said...

To Mitzy...

How soon is soon :)
coz Kenyans abroad are ALWAYS going home...

sassy said...

As usual always on point with all updated info and job posting.
Where were you when i was doing my finance term papers back in the day?
@kaggz- LOL Its true kenyans in diaspora are always going home

bankelele said...

Anonymous: There are no prime stocks, but current portfolio has Diamond Trust, Express, HFCK, KCB Kengen, KQ, Sameer i think.

Kaggz: You're welcome, hope I can hook some people up.

gishungwa: Thanks, and you're always welcome here, bring pints too

Mitzy: Thanks, and try and be sure of a job before your return - That's my advice

Kaggz: don't start a war here

sassy: stoking the wars flames

Kagz said...


I simply ask questions, no pun intended


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