Thursday, March 23, 2006

Homeless (Part III) no more

Was a bit of a hassle. If you call any freight companies they quote you between 20,000 and 30,000 shillings to move house, based on a rate of about 5,000 per hour – and it doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in traffic or they can’t fit a piano in a pickup. I was afraid they'd send a very small truck to maximise the number of trips, time and cost to their benefit.

Not having found a friend with a lorry, the next best thing was go to a market (e.g. Dagoretti corner) and strike a deal with a lorry owner, agreeing to terms before hand. The move went well, took two trips, and the final cost was about 7,000.

I still consider myself homeless as there’s so much I don’t know about the new neighbourhood. I am exploring all aspects e.g. cheap pub within walking distance, sports bar, barber shop, different bus/matatu routes, traffic jam times, water availability/rationing/shortages, garbage disposal etc. In my mind, I still haven't moved and sometime have to correct my driving directions so I don't head back to my old place by mistake.

Part IV coming
I’m broke right now from paying rent at two apartments this month. I am trying to collect my deposit from my previous landlord. Hopefully this will be in early April, just in time for me to buy some Kengen shares.

Thanks to Guess and other commenters for their apartment tips this month.


Anonymous said...

Glad you got a digz! will sure e-mail you to get some tips when i get back to kenya and 'settle'!

Thanks for all the tips on shares et al (been reading your blog 'religiously' since discovering it)
Now to the 'favour asking' bit - (pole lakini am desperate!)

I have been trying to download the application forms for kengen shares in vain. The prospectus ends at appendix II which is the CDS opening account form. Can't get appendix III which is meant to be the application forms. Have e-mailed my broker dyer and blair and got no reply. Might you have seen any pdf download of the forms?? If you have could you please paste it on your blog.


Msanii_XL said...

Glad you got yourself situated..atleast give a piece of mind. All the best in the new neighbourhood..join the association..LOL

mashatall said...

Anonymous.Check out, i found the share application on their website.Also has the form.

Anonymous said...

Found it!!!Thank you very much!
Thanks bankelele for use of your blog!

Shiroh said...

When is the house warming?

Jaba Boeku said...

Hi,.. Many happy (and warm) days in your new hse and sorroundings and as u explore your new habitat am sure 'Eureka!' will be a word on your lips for the next month or so.

Thx 4 the tips, advice and infor on this blog! Keep 'em coming!

sassy said...

@anonymous- quit dyer and blair they never bother with customer relationship.Call Francis Drummond and talk to the chief dealer-Victor Nkiiri the brother will hook up with no time and as for customer care , PR and efficiency this is the guy to hook you up.He will offer good service try him for real.
@Bankelele when is the house warming im curious too to gate crash on your party!!!!! Ill bring food and drink-promise.
@mashatall The bora site is good good on you bro

Guessaurus said...

Glad I could be of help - and as this seems the place to ask for 'tit for tat's' I will be camping outside yours when I need tips on banking and shares

Have you found which box you put that blue sock? LOL
Moving is such a hassle - hope everything works out fine with you

Enjoy the weekend and thanks for all the info here..

bankelele said...

Guess: Thanks, you're very welcome

Anonymous: Have seen the Kengen prospectus which is about 80 pages long, but not seen it in PDF from - so be satisifed with a summary version that apepared in both nation and standard last monday or tuesday

Msanii_XL: thanks, i like it so far.

mashatall: will check out thanks for the tip.

Shiroh: no plans for house warming, still unpacking and looking for my plates & glasses.

Jaba Boeku: have to explore now before the rains start

Sassy: it seems everyone has to have their own method, and their person to get good service from a stockbroker, but I hope Mr. Nkiiri doesn't mind the extra publicity. (Afro are you reading this?)

Afro said...

Yes Bankelele I am, Thank you!!!

Afro said...

@sassy, does he have an email address?or another #, i tried the main FD number, not working...feel free to email me..afromusing at gmail, thank you!

sassy said...

@afro his email is Betta have good kalenjin dollars to invest.
If you dont get a reply holla and will hook u up with his personal number.

Ms K said...

LOL @coldwhitecap yahoo address!!

Banks, I've bought a housewarming present already so... Nangoja invite.


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