Sunday, March 26, 2006

50/50 for women

cashing in my dividend from bar talk

Earlier prediction that men misbehaving would result in first woman Vice Chancellor (not Chancellor) and first woman gorvenor at the Central Bank of Kenya was part true, though Jacinta Mwatela should be confirmed at CBK by the end of the month.


Shiroh said...

We will get there some day

Prousette said...

Kudos to the VC appointee. Lakini the Central Bank am not too sure about it being a good thing. Sort of cleaning up the mess the earlier occupants have created and being judged for it!

Anonymous said...

good progress but but Mrs mwatela is not really an intellectual giant. - though the same could be said of cheserem - what this means is that decisions will be made more by world bank consultants

AK said...

wonder what anonymous means by 'an intellectual giant'. Kenya would be far if intellectualism is what was needed to run institutions.

bankelele said...

Shiroh: it's progress, day by day

Prousette: CBK job should be straight-forward - Mullei was side-tracked by his own side activities

Anonymous: defien intellectual, they have banking and economic experts and councils to guide CBK policy.

AK: ditto

MshaiMwatela said...

Could Anonymous please elaborate on what they mean by Intellectual giant?? It bothers me that in this day and time there are some people out there who do not believe that women are just as capable of doing anything that a man can do and in most instances take it to the next level, and just for the record Mrs Mwatela (My Mother) has proved herself over the years (she started working at the bank back in 1978) if she was a flake she would still not be there. She's not just intelligent but has done her job with the highest level of integrity. She has a track record which you should go back and look at.

Anonymous said...

Well in the developed world, institutions are not ran by intellectual giants, rather by hardworking people who have acquired vast institutional knowledge by their longevity in those insitutions. Ms Mwatela is completely at sea in her new position; an extension of her forte. Her merit is her highest claim to office. I am immensely proud of her.


Anonymous said...

Mwatela is just the case study all women aspiring to get places in any endeavour. She never shied to get in the fray and get her share of the mud. She has been in the banking thick of things and thats why Iam proud to say Bravo, dont relax, there are bigger posts beyond. Target them!!! Mwangi Muiruri


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