Monday, January 23, 2006

Anglo Currency

One year ago today, The Sunday Standard
reported on an attempt to swing the contract to print Kenya’s currency towards French firm, FranÁois-Charles Oberthur Fiduciaire, which had previously been sub-contracted by Anglo Leasing to print "new generation passports" for the Kenya government. Eventually, De La Rue retained the contract, which they have held since independence.


Whispering Inn said...

It's hard to know who's clean and who's not....but I think Githongo is shedding some light on that, albeit slowly and in piecemeal.

Anonymous said...

Whispering Inn - Whereas the dictum is innocent until proved guilty... those who have been named should have resigned.

The buck stops with kibaki. He knew what was going on or he is a senile imbecile...

How could the kamani family (Anglo-Fleecing, Mahindras through kamsons, unsupplied goods e.g. airport fire trucks, etc) be allowed to go scot-free after so many shady deals?

In addition, they were known to be crooks but the NARC government consorted with them.

kibaki has not followed up on the Goldenberg report (saitoti is still a minister!).

awori came out in defence of anglo-fleecing!

murungi called it a scandal that never was!

Seriously, these guys were in the thick of it.

Rumours has it that awori got US$1M, wambui (kib's 2nd wife) got US$1M, murungaru got $5M...

The M being Million!

Whispering Inn said...

@ Anonymous - You're right. They are all in on it! Otherwise people would be in jail by now.


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