Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Kenya Gazette issue

By request: Major portions of the Kenya Gazette are available online courtesy of Kenya Law Reports who post the notable directives by ministers and government officials while leaving out death/estate matters which take up ½ of a typical gazette issue. Hat tip: Kenyan Pundit

Telkom update
From the Kenya Gazette: Telkom Kenya moves closer to offering per second billing by first moving from billing calls every three minutes to per one (1) minute.

Mr. Minister, Sir!
Coming soon: A new Mercedes, to go with a new minister’s flag. Presenting the 2007 S-Class


acolyte said...

That merc does look good.About the Ministers' flag.Sad but true....

bankelele said...

acolyte: car does look good, but none yet at DT Dobie. Also Kenya seems to be mostly E-class territory.


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