Friday, November 04, 2005

Holiday Weekend

The Getaway 2005 tourism expo kicked off at the Sarit Center today. It seems a bit subdued compared to years past but perhaps that was because today was opening day. Usually I’d go on Sunday but since Friday was a holiday (Idd-Ul-Fitr), I went to see if I could pull of a Monbasa holiday in December as I must see the ocean soon.

Card mania
Just days apart, two banks have launched new debit and credit cards. KCB and Southern Credit both realize that Kenyans are wary of credit card debt, hence the move to roll out debit cards. E.g. All the KCB brochures have the phrase “use cards in the secure knowledge that you cannot run into debt because your card is prepaid”. The debit cards are visa branded, and you don’t have to have an account with either of the banks to obtain pre-paid cards.

Will attempt a bit of golf for the first time in many months, but otherwise will mostly relax and watch….

Saturday 05 November
2:45 AM Cricket: Australia vs. West Indies 1st Test Day 3, SS2
3:15 PM FA Premiership:: Aston Villa vs. Liverpool, SS3
6:00 PM Arsenal/Sunderland SS3 & Blackburn/Charlton SS6 & Newcastle/Birmingham SS7
6:45 PM Rugby : Wales vs. NZ SS1
8:00 PM Premiership:: Portsmouth vs. Wigan Athletic SS3
10:30 PM Rugby : Argentina vs. SA SS1 & France vs. Australia SS2
11:45 PM La Liga:: Villarreal vs. Valencia SS3

Sunday 06 November
02:45 AM Cricket : Australia vs. West Indies 1st Test Day 4 SS2
11:45 AM Cricket : India vs. Sri Lanka 5th ODI SS6
6:00 PM Road Running New York Marathon SS1
4:30 PM FA Premiership:: Everton vs. Boro SS3
7:00 PM FA Premiership:: Man Utd vs. Chelsea, SS3
8:30 PM US PGA: the Tour Championship Day 4 SS1
10:45 PM La Liga: Getafe vs. Barcelona SS3


acolyte said...

Hi!Love the blog esp when u tell us what is happening on the ground in kenya.Do u know any stockbrokers that i can use if i want to buy shares on NSE while i am in the U.S.Once again great blog!

Tee J said...

@ Aco: Try

Bankelele posted a bunch of firms a while bank. Their website has a lot of helpful info.

Tee J said...

Ooops! I meant a while 'back'...hehe

coldtusker said...

FD are the best... they do provide additional info if you are their client... Ask for a Victor (account manger)...

BTW, his e-mail is & get me some brownie points... tell them that coldtusker sent ya!

acolyte said...

@ cold tusker and teej
Thanks for the tips will look into it asap!

AfroFeminista said...

Did you get any good deals for Mombasa at the Expo??

bankelele said...

Acolyte: I posted ealier on the topic here:

tee j & coldtusker: thanks for assisting acolyte with the query.

afrofeminsita: more to come, but Coast hotels are all FULL over the christmas season.


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