Friday, June 03, 2005

Lower mobile tariffs

Even as the industry regulator (CCK) urges mobile operators to lower their tariffs the need for cheaper call costs must be apparent to the companies themselves - who have had to lower costs of many items except phone calls. Safaricom which launched their online office at 19,000 shillings, now sell it for 2,500, while the cost of new phone lines has dropped from 2,500 to 200 shillings now. Both Safaricom and Celtel now sell minimum airtime at 50 shillings, down from 250 and 300 respectively.


Kenyan Pundit said...

Do they even attempt to justify their tariff structure?

WM said...

We the ignorant supplicate does one go about hiring a cell phone in Nbi? For, say, two months?

M said...

Word on the street is that the current SMS and tarriff structure was a gentleman's agreement between Kencell and Safaricom ... wonder if Celtel will screw Safaricom (I wish!!!!)


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