Saturday, June 18, 2005

Kenya Gazette

The Kenya Gazette is an interesting read, if only it was placed online. Here are some bits this week:

The Director of the Kenya Wildlife Services has revoked the appointment of Honorary Warden, Tom Cholmondeley.

Kenya has awarded the Elder of the Golden Heart (EGH) Second Class to Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – who last month bought several hotel properties in Kenya.

Several previous applicants have now been granted air licences in Kenya. Regional Air will move on after their partnership with British Airways ended and have had their license renewed for 3 years for flights to Malindi, Kisumu and Mombasa, and internationally from JKIA. Other licences issued were to 3 airlines for Eldoret – Dubai cargo flights, 2 to operate hot air balloons in Kedong (Naivasha) area, 7 airlines for Tanzania-Kenya routes, and 3 for Europe–Kenya charter flights (from Gatwick, Brussels & Madrid).

Several companies have applied for communication licences. Musimba Investments and Market Edge have applied to be premium rate service providers, Internet Africa have applied for an internet backbone and gateway licence, 3 companies have applied for ISP licences, and Africall Voice & Data has applied to set up a call centre - this will be the third call centre operation in Kenya.

2 companies have been issued mining licences to search for “base metals” in Kenya. Bwayokar Enterprises will search an 8 sq. km area in Nandi while Sundown Amalgamated will search 800 sq. km in Turkana.


Kenyan Pundit said...

You can get the Kenya Gazette online here

I'd linked to it before on Kenyan Pundit. The site went up when I was in Kenya in Jan. It used to be updated frequently but they seem to have fallen of the bandwagon lately. Unfortunately it's not in a user friendly format, but better than nothing I guess.

bankelele said...

Thanks, will folllow up with them

Mtukufu said...

I can not read the entire Kenya Gazette so you have a role to play if you post some of it.


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