Monday, June 06, 2005

3 Problems with multi-media messaging

From the Safaricom MMS User Guide

1. The subscriber must be a Safaricom Advantage customer. i.e. post-paid customers, who are less than 3% of subscribers
2. Each MMS message will cost Kshs. 20. Too expensive; Normal SMS cost 5 shillings and international are 10 shillings each
3. International MMS cannot be received. Why not?


maitha said...

lets give them time once celtel manages to do the same on their network then they will definately change the rates

bankelele said...

They should have rolled it out for a free month - give us a taste, get us addicted, and we'll pay for the rest

M said...

Personally I've had enough of Safaricom's nonsense. Their services are half baked, especially when it comes to data lines and, delivery of SMS and network quality.

I'm taking a good look at Celtel's services

Anonymous said...

Safaricom are a joke. Cannot send and receive MMS to and from Europe.
Kenya is 5 years behind the rest of Africa.


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