Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Never Say

According to the Swedish Ambassador to Kenya, Bo Goransson, here are some expressions which Kenyans should never use:

- "It is our time to eat"
- "Zero tolerance on corruption"
- "That's what I am entitled to!"
- (my favourite)"Let’s have a seminar" - the more poverty-related the problem, the more exclusive the venue. Mombasa is the current favourite
and many more


wg-k said...

I read this in the nation and found it both amusing and sad. I planned to blog about it but you beat me to it and another letter on that same page riled me more so I blogged about that instead. Love your blog-informative and interesting.

kipepeo said...

yeah, i was at one of the hotels at the same time as one of the "seminars"...amazing what ministers with a bit of alcohol and a bit of lingala get up to....i was not impresses!


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