Friday, April 15, 2005

Good to be Kenyan

One reasons employers in the US like Kenyan [and other (il)legal African] workers is that they have the basis "soft skills" to functions as employees, something that many Americans lack - e.g. punctuality, a willingness to accept supervision, ability to work in a group, reading and math skills and speaking & listening habits.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately, all the reasons are due to colonization. Peeps have this master/servant relationships in the heads. Just go into the classrooms and the proof is there. teachers are the masters; students are the servants.

Anonymous said...

Ati, you mean, without colonization Keyans would not be interested in learning, showing up on time, etc? You are jking, right?

johndoe said...

subordination to authority may be easy to blame on colonisation but heirachy has always been a part of our heritage.head of family,elders's there we learn the skills that will either see us advance and be better specimens than our authorities or always remain subordinate to them.


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