Thursday, April 28, 2005

A380 Welcome in Nairobi: (Daily Nation Feb 3 2005) Managing Director of the Kenya Airports Authority, Mr. George Muhoho, said that Jomo Kenyatta Airport would be able to receive the new Airbus A380 giant double-decker aircraft in Nairobi when it begins operations, he said, “a suitable passenger bridge has been identified, and lounges will be redesigned to accommodate departing passengers. Also the runway and taxiways will be strengthened and widened.


daktari said...

..when will those people in power eg at KAA realise that they are doing Kenya a a disservice?All the money we used to pay for 'airport tax'has gone nowhere in improving facilities there.

bankelele said...

same as the road fuel levy we pay in every litre of fuel


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