Sunday, February 20, 2005

Open your own Kengeles

Kengeles is inviting investors to apply to open new resturants. You are required to have the capability of investing 9 - 14 million shillings, as well as 4 million in liquid capital. Kengeles will assist you with site selection, leasing agreements, personnel development, advertising and quality control etc. - and in exchange you get to launch a resturant/bar with established brand and a ready market & customer base, at low risk to yourself. Apply to Kengeles Management Group at or 572314/4349311


daktari said...

good idea to franchise the brand..
that looks a tad expensive..i mean this is kenya not the the uk with a 100,000 pounds its possible to get a good franchise.

bankelele said...

They say when starting a business, it always costs more than you plan/budget for. I think KMG does not want to franchise with someone who will run out of cash early in the operation, so they have projected over-and-above the actual cost.


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