Saturday, February 05, 2005

MP's Behaving Badly

Gor Sunguh, Chairmn of the Ouko Parliamntary Committee has announced that the committee would travel to London (at our expense of course) to hear the testimony of Inspector Troon. He said that a video conference of the witness (at 400,000 an hour) was too expensive and that Kenya could not guarantess Troon’s secutiry. Considering what happened to State guest, Ngugi wa Thiongo, last year, I would not blame him. But Sunguh’s excuse is lame – video conferencing is not that expenseive, and it is being used by immigrants to see/talk to family members to communicate with family members. The Committee will probably blow out their budget with hotel, per diems, entertainment, and special sitting allowances. Cmmittee members who have otherwise boycotted the hearings or resigned will probably take this trip. The committee should insist on hearing Troon here, by having the Police take charge of his security – instead of taking an expensive London holiday (what if he resused to talk to them?)

Meanwhile the MP of Bumula, Mr. Wakoli Bifwoli stumbled upon a meeting and vowed not to sign any future loan agreements with the World Bank, arguing that his constituency was one of the most underdeveloped in the country. "Bumula remains underdeveloped, with little economic activity, and my people are poor.”


Anonymous said...

what is it with him, or was he just throwing a bf (from white chicks the movie)

M said...

I was also amazed to her that it was cheaper for about 20 idlers to travel to London to inverview Troon that it was for a video conference type thing. In true MP fashion when you're not footing the bill, make hay while the sun will shine!

As for Bifwoli i stopped taking him seriously after his tirade of "other tribes having slept in State House and now it is their turn"

bankelele said...

It's much cheaper to do a video-conference. And definetly much cheaper to fly in 1 VIP (with security) than to fly out 20 MP's with security, assistants, secretaries, clerks etc.


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