Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kenya Bank Rankings in 2006

Barclays still rules at the end of 2006

figures in Kshs. millions

Bank assets 2006
change from 2005 rank in brackets
1. Barclays 118, 021 (Kshs 118 billion or $1.69 billion)
2. Kenya Commercial 87,326
3. Standard Chartered 81,014
4. Co-operative 57,683
5. (6) Citibank Kenya 37,794
6. (7) Commercial Bank of Africa 37,507
7. (5) National Bank of Kenya 36,123
8. (9) NIC 26, 108
9. (12) Stanbic 25,822
10. (8) CFC 25,392
11. (10) Investment & Mortgages 22,348
12. (11) Diamond Trust 21,564
13. Equity 20,024
14. (15) Baroda 11,773
15. (19) Prime 10,452
16. (17) Imperial 9,406
17. (14) Housing Finance 9,142
18. (16) EABS 8,910
19. (18) Bank of India 8,702
20. Fina 6,502
21. Bank of Africa 6,488
23. (22) ABC 5,357
24. Habib AG Zurich 5,323
25. (30) K-Rep 5,220
26. (23) Giro 5,098
27. (25) Guardian 4,917
28. (27) Southern Credit 4,580
29. (28) Victoria 4,284
30. (37) Chase 4,123
31. Equatorial 3,962
32. (33) Consolidated 3,437
33. (29) Middle East 3,401
34. (36) Development Bank of Kenya 3,297
35. (34) Habib Bank 2,963
36. (35) Credit 2, 610
37. Transnational 2,566
38. Fidelity 2,316
39. Paramount Universal 2,197
40. Oriental (formerly Delphis) 1,449
41. Dubai 1,248
42. City Finance 527
22 (32) Family Finance 5, 469 was not been licensed as expected
Charterhouse Bank was de-licensed in 2006

Pre-tax profit
Barclays 6,624 ($94.6 million)
StanChart 3,810
KCB 3,035
Citibank 1530
CBA 1,311

Return on assets
Barclays 5.61%
Equity 5.51%
Family Finance 4.83%
StanChart 4.70%
I&M 4.19%
Imperial 4.11%
Citibank 4.05%

Barclays 93,837
KCB 71,495
StanChart 64,879
Co-op 48,201
CBA 32,517

Barclays 73,907
KCB 40,659
StanChart 35,762
Co-op 28,037
NBK 26,491

KCB 110
Postbank 66 (not a bank)
Barclays 53
Equity 42
Co-op 40

Staff expenses
KCB 3,823
Barclays 3,057
Co-op 2,081
StanChart 1,781
NBK 1,204
Equity 943

Loans to deposits
City Finance 183%
DBK 117%
K-Rep 114%
Transnational 103%
Dubai 93%

Government friendly banks
ratio of government securities investment to loans
Habib AG Zurich 210.46%
Habib Bank 195.07%
Baroda 140.66%
Bank of India 138.15%
StanChart 77.32%
Citibank 69.54%

Raking the Fees
% of income from non-interest (lending) sources
Oriental 60.49%
EABS 56.66%
Equity 55.27%
Paramount Universal 53.76%
Family Finance 53.11%
Co-op 51.35%


- Earlier in depth review, analysis, and projections.

- 2005 rankings.


pesa tu said...

Government paper: So thats why Stanchart didnt 'grow' in 2006

odegle said...

wow! very powerful rankings there. most of the figures don't make sense to me. for instance, a bank is small but with a high staff expense figure. or that a bank has more than 100% NPA as a ratio of loans. what does that mean? what is their business and how are they managing to stay on?

thank you for this post.

Anonymous said...

Stanbic only has 25 million ksh? That's seems ridiculously low!

bankelele said...

pesa tu: govt securities are easy money - no risk, but low return compared to personal loans

Odegle: Staff expenses are interesting when you compare them to the number of branches, deposits and loans.
Note: Have taken down the NPA row as it did not reflect provisions made by banks

Anonymous: That's 25 billion shillings

falconsgladiator said...

There need to be mergers and acquisitions in the banking sector.

43 banks(and that is not counting other financial instutions that handle deposits like PostBank or Saccos) is too big a number.

I believe that this is a huge untapped opportunity to lower the economy of scale in the sector. The market is too segmented. M&A will also help increase the provision of insurance and investment products.

Anonymous said...

I somehow missed the source of this report

Or did you do it yourself???

Ken said...

Banks this is great info.
I dont get how NBK has so much in terms of assets with their bad loan portfolio. I thought they had more branches, looks like they are diminishing day by day.

Shee said...

Eh.. Na Barclays wako fiti basi...
Looks like they're topping kila nmahali..
:.Just Sue.:

coldtusker said...

Banks - Asante sana again!

When is the CFC-Stanbic merger supposed to be completed?

I thought a merger between Diamond & Habib was in the books, perhaps they are waiting after the BOC-Carbacid and CFC-Stanbic mergers are completed!

Anyway, so fewer banks in 2007 but probably stronger!

coldtusker said...

Odegle: The bad loans are a hangover from the past. These banks are trying to clean up their boks but the courts are SLOW...

Technically NBK is insolvent if they used the same accounting rules as BBK!

ken: NPAs need not be written off but the accrued income is not counted as part of "income" but included in suspense accounts.

When the NPAs are collected e.g. sale of land then the asset is converted into cash.

Hence NPA = Non-performing asset

bankelele said...

falconsgladiator: Well, all but two of the banks were profitable in 2006. Mybe some did not provide enough for bad debts, but even if you raise the share capital there won't be that mergers (unless it is drastic like to 1 billion shillings)

alexcia: hard work eh?

Ken: CT has explained better

Susan: are you a prestige customer?

coldtusker: I'd be afraid to push the CFC-Stanbic merger forward now and have it suspended for eons. Business Daily had a story yesterday about how the CMA vs. Sha Munge case has not been resolved (4 years later) - so you can imagine the agony for carbacid/BOC shareholders

Anonymous said...

Kudos bro

Next step will be to catch some thieves

coldtusker said...

I will rant against the CMA in my blog...

CMA is being silly... they block worthwhile mergers while turning a blind eye to collapsing brokers!!!

If BOC & Carbacid were private firms, they would have merged quietly!

If BOC decides to build their own CO2 plant, they could outpace Carbacid in 5 years which would leave Carbacid shareholders with nothing!

MainaT said...

Tx banks-re I&M bank-can anybody confirm that these guys are majority owned by City Trust?
The CFC-Stanbic merger should be more straight fwd one than the BOC one where the hold up was the % that had to agree to the merger.

Anonymous said...

Banks, do you have the complete analysis of the 43 banks you have ranked? this will make for interesting read. If not any sign posts to where they can be found?


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